Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Badges, Gruul and some concerns

Saturday we returned to Karazhan. I don't normally say much about Kara runs, old news, this was different. We started at Nightbane and had Aleks tank him, so he died (Nightbane). Aleks had to go at that point so we brought in Bbmfic, a prot pally alt of one of our mages. This group was obsessed with killing Prince, if we had taken a vote of killing a rat that drops 15 badges or clear to Prince the rat would have been safe. We cleared to Prince and we had one shot at him. Bbmifc's gear wasn't up to par for Prince so Ferth our ms warrior gave it a shot. BB became our 4th healer and we actually killed him. He dropped some stuff dropped and people liked it. 3 badges dropped and I liked it.

At this point Dlow (holy pally) had to go. No one wanted in to replace him. All the debate about people getting left out, not one person wanted in. So we tried Illhoof with nine, we had 2 locks but only 2 healers. I was to heal BB tanking Illhoof and Sameth had everything else. So she was put in chains and died on the first sacrifice. I battle rezzed her, she was soon sacrificed and died again. Luckily our dps was good enough to do most of the fight with one healer. The last couple of people in chains died but BB didn't and we downed him. I kind of hate Illhoof, he has a few drops I want and he never drops them.

We finished off Attumen and Maiden, we wiped on both, amazing we didn't wipe on the "hard" encounters and did on those. I grabbed my Idol of the Unseen Moon and have my macros set for leet moonkin dps, now to actually get to raid as moonkin.

So as you guessed I healed in Gruul's. Fine with me I'll do anything so long as we are downing some 25 man bosses. I was resto from the weekeend and am healing tonight in ZA. We one shot HKM even with a mistake on one of our misdirects. I used my treeish powers to keep up the lock tanks up. I lost out on tier 4 shoulders again, such is life.

After HKM we cleared to Gruul, now we only had 23 to this point. We tried Gruul once with 23 and wiped at 50% or so and we messed up a bit on that one. We were able to grab another Holy pally from the guild and old friend Honorshammer (the one from the famous blog). We moved Honor's to hurtful tank and Aleks was our mt. On our thrid attempt we got him to 6% then all died. Our problem had been Honor's death, healers weren't watching his health closely enough. To ensure that didn't happen again I made sure he was healed. I was to be group healing and putting hots on the tanks. Most paladins I know can't stay on the mt for healing, they must heal others. I on the other hand, heal my target and unless someone asks for my help they aren't getting any from me. So I basically let them do my job and healed Honors full time. Aleks died at about 2% and after he died Honors dropped as well, but Grull was defeated. As my reward, I got
Teeth of Gruul finally a nice healing neck piece. My screenshot sucks and I haven't gotten to edit the video of the encounter. I will post said video at my convience.

Overall I thought the encounter was easy. Most likely because we had done Mag the week before which isn't easy. We could have downed this guy a month or two ago if we had got 25 people to sign up. Last night I posed the question our gm (Ferth) and our raid leader (Wichita) should we start doing 25 mans twice a week. Wichita posted a poll on our guild forums asking if people wanted to do 25 mans once or twice a week. So far once is winning, I'm hoping we will open recruiting to get more who are interested in going twice a week. I'm about out of patience for not progressing, if we are going to handle this at the horrble slow pace we did kara I'll be level 80 before we see much success in a tier 5 25 mans. I'm not up for that. As far as the xpac goes I won't be waiting around for people to l2 gear either. Half of them will end up in more "progressed" guilds anyway.


Honors Code said...


You know the high regard I have for the people of Heroes Inc. You, Ferth, Sameth, Bacon, Wichita, DD, Jagd, and the rest are some of the most wonderful people I've met in the game.

But Heroes is what it is. 1 night a week isn't going to get you guys very far.

Anonymous said...

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