Tuesday, November 25, 2014

While I am playing again

While I am playing again I might as well blog.  I am incredibly interesting and everything I do is fairly noteworthy.  It would be pretty selfish of me not to blog about my various adventures.  I mean, who doesn't want to read about me getting lost in instances and not knowing my abilities.

So I got tired of spending 20+ hours volunteering along with my 40+ hours of work and then dealing with the rest of life which refuses to be pleasant for very long.  So I scaled back the volunteering, I'd prefer to scale back working but that causes other problems.  I then decided I had time to play wow again.

After taking the last three years and two months off I logged back in and was still in Ambivalence, the guild we joined at some point in the past.  All my friends have gone elsewhere, where I don't know.  I am friends with a couple of them on Battle.net.  I don't know how it works though.  I can't find them anywhere in my wow interface.  I can't find a lot things there.

So far I have been leveling in Panda Land.  It's pretty empty, it's like a newer expansion came out recently.  I am leveling my druid of course, as balance of course.  I have done some random instances as a healer.  I figure faster queues and I can just follow the tank and heal.  It's not like I have any idea what any boss does.  I also didn't know where my revive ability in case someone dies, at least my first run.  I could find battle res though.  Last night I was in an instance with pretty secret staircase, which I couldn't find until someone came back for me.  I know daily randoms aren't for thinking but, don't run off without your healer.  If you see he is wearing three year old gear (I doubt time was taken to observe this) don't assume he knows his way around either.  It appears that the gear that I get in instances is not better than the stuff I have from Firelands, even the ilvl 430 stuff.  If someone hadn't stolen the gems out of my gear, it would last even longer.  Maybe someone who reads this knows what happened to them.

I pretty much have no plan other than getting to level 90, I don't the have latest expansion.  There should be enough going on in Panda Land to keep me entertained for a bit.  Even if it just leveling, professions, and questing.  This blog post is boring, and I have excuses, but I don't want to use them.  I am going to save them for a worse post.  That's all.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Where's Insect Swarm?

I can't find it on my action bar, I don't like it.

That's all

Friday, March 16, 2012

Closing up Shop

Since it has been six months or so since my last real post this shouldn't be a surprise.  Now I have quit blogging a few times, and I'm not really blogging at the moment.  This is the end for this blog.  I may start a new blog tomorrow about how cats shouldn't have front claws or about how old people shouldn't be allowed to drive in the left lane.  Or about how Peyton Manning is an idiot for thinking Seattle is too far from home but San Francisco is not.  Seattle is 2729 air miles from Miami, San Francisco is 2588.  That last 141 miles on an airplane must have been the deal breaker.

Anyway some parting comments and thoughts.  I can't go to school at night like I would like.  Something about my second grade son not being able to take care of his five year old sister by himself.  Hopefully when my daughter starts kindergarten this fall my wife can just work during the day (miracle required).

As far as gaming goes I don't play anything.  I do dominate at Wii bowling and Super Mario Bros from time to time. After six months I have found a game that works for me.  I am not huge fan of demons or their friends I will be playing Diablo III.  It will work on my computer, I can make a character (named Lakini) and kill things.   As far I can tell I don't need anyones help to finish that game.  I see that I could get the game free for subscribing for a year to play WOW.  No thanks, I'll just buy the game.

You can e-mail me at Csjones29@msn.com if want to bug me.  I even figured out how to have my phone tell me when I get an e-mail (fancy I know).  If any of you are playing Diablo III e-mail me and we can fail at some co-op stuff.  Thanks all.

I just looked at my first post, I was 28 when I started this thing, I wish I was 28.  Stupid last five years.

Love (not really) Chadwick Jones.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm not locked out my Blog Anymore!

That's pretty much it, maybe I'll make a real post someday.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving on

Last week there was a death in my family so I was out of town all weekend and put no thought to what was going on with the game.  Which I would have thought would help me make a decision that wasn't motivated by the frustration I was feeling last week.  That failed, I am really more irritated than I was before

As I posted last week I am quitting wow.  I will not be returning.  My return back in January was based on a flawed premise, that I could come back and not do end game pve.  That clearly doesn't work for me or I would keep playing.  The pve does not need to be competitive like it was in Wrath, but it needs to exist and not be terrible.

Right now, I regret coming back at all.  I spent money moving toons, time leveling them along with professions for nothing.  I accomplished nothing.  I didn't even get tier 11 cleared much less tier 12.  I had some fun, but mostly wondered why we sucked when we used to be good.  Then of course once we didn't suck we quit.

I doubt I will play an mmo again, I won't play one anytime soon.  I'd like to work towards getting my bachelors.  The kind of endgame pve that I would be interested in doesn't mesh with that, full time work and a family.

I'm not sure how to end this and not sound like a jerk, but when have I ever done that?  I want say thanks to the guys I played with in case I don't get a chance to talk to you again.  I hope nobody takes this as indictment of them or how they play.  I should have known that it wasn't going to end well, that most of us have played this game too long.  Good luck to you guys in stwor and try not to offend all the Star Wars nerds, they are more sensitive than regular nerds.  That's all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

About the Reality of Quitting

I'm back at the point I was in Wrath when I quit.  I'm tired of doing nothing because people get bored and leave.  There is talk about playing the new Star Wars mmo amongst the group.  I just don't see it.  It requires me to buy a new game and new operating system (no mac support).  We are gong to end up on an east coast server raiding at 6:00 to 6:30 my time when 8:00 to 8:30 is what I really need.  There is also the fact that we will at some point stop whatever progression we are at because people will get bored.  Doesn't sound worth it to me.  Maybe I'm just cranky, that's all.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

About the possibility of Quitting

To put it simply if there is no end game, no raiding, no rated battle grounds there is no reason to play.  I haven't really blogged about the guild I am in, but I'm not nearly elite enough to get an invite to rated bgs.  That doesn't bother me, they are pushing 2500 rating, I'm not that good.  The bottom line is that I don't get to do them and druids that are not feral are pretty bad in arena.  So pvp is dead for me at this point.

Despite the facr we are progressing we are when we raid we rarely do.  We one or two shot (l2tank Beth Rob) three bosses in 90 minutes and quit because someone has to go.  Then we don't raid again for a couple weeks.  That isn't enough for me to justify the $14.99.  Anything I do with alts is based around making life easier for me on my druid, if there is no endgame there is no point to leveling my alts.

Speaking of leveling alts must one dps in a low level random think he should pull?  As long I have played I really don't have patience for people who are don't have a clue.  Pulling mobs on your own as dps is stupid, I left my last three randoms after some moron starts pull stuff.  In one a druid would take a pull off then go bear and pull his own set of mobs, on another a druid went pulled a pack while the tank was pulling one, I left both so I'm not sure how that went.  Then there was the Mara with a prot paladin and resto shaman who were both dps.  I have a headache.

Back to the topic, if we can't recruit and the 14 of us can't raid twice a week I'm done.  Rated bg's will not happen, that's all.