Friday, March 16, 2012

Closing up Shop

Since it has been six months or so since my last real post this shouldn't be a surprise.  Now I have quit blogging a few times, and I'm not really blogging at the moment.  This is the end for this blog.  I may start a new blog tomorrow about how cats shouldn't have front claws or about how old people shouldn't be allowed to drive in the left lane.  Or about how Peyton Manning is an idiot for thinking Seattle is too far from home but San Francisco is not.  Seattle is 2729 air miles from Miami, San Francisco is 2588.  That last 141 miles on an airplane must have been the deal breaker.

Anyway some parting comments and thoughts.  I can't go to school at night like I would like.  Something about my second grade son not being able to take care of his five year old sister by himself.  Hopefully when my daughter starts kindergarten this fall my wife can just work during the day (miracle required).

As far as gaming goes I don't play anything.  I do dominate at Wii bowling and Super Mario Bros from time to time. After six months I have found a game that works for me.  I am not huge fan of demons or their friends I will be playing Diablo III.  It will work on my computer, I can make a character (named Lakini) and kill things.   As far I can tell I don't need anyones help to finish that game.  I see that I could get the game free for subscribing for a year to play WOW.  No thanks, I'll just buy the game.

You can e-mail me at if want to bug me.  I even figured out how to have my phone tell me when I get an e-mail (fancy I know).  If any of you are playing Diablo III e-mail me and we can fail at some co-op stuff.  Thanks all.

I just looked at my first post, I was 28 when I started this thing, I wish I was 28.  Stupid last five years.

Love (not really) Chadwick Jones.

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