Tuesday, November 25, 2014

While I am playing again

While I am playing again I might as well blog.  I am incredibly interesting and everything I do is fairly noteworthy.  It would be pretty selfish of me not to blog about my various adventures.  I mean, who doesn't want to read about me getting lost in instances and not knowing my abilities.

So I got tired of spending 20+ hours volunteering along with my 40+ hours of work and then dealing with the rest of life which refuses to be pleasant for very long.  So I scaled back the volunteering, I'd prefer to scale back working but that causes other problems.  I then decided I had time to play wow again.

After taking the last three years and two months off I logged back in and was still in Ambivalence, the guild we joined at some point in the past.  All my friends have gone elsewhere, where I don't know.  I am friends with a couple of them on Battle.net.  I don't know how it works though.  I can't find them anywhere in my wow interface.  I can't find a lot things there.

So far I have been leveling in Panda Land.  It's pretty empty, it's like a newer expansion came out recently.  I am leveling my druid of course, as balance of course.  I have done some random instances as a healer.  I figure faster queues and I can just follow the tank and heal.  It's not like I have any idea what any boss does.  I also didn't know where my revive ability in case someone dies, at least my first run.  I could find battle res though.  Last night I was in an instance with pretty secret staircase, which I couldn't find until someone came back for me.  I know daily randoms aren't for thinking but, don't run off without your healer.  If you see he is wearing three year old gear (I doubt time was taken to observe this) don't assume he knows his way around either.  It appears that the gear that I get in instances is not better than the stuff I have from Firelands, even the ilvl 430 stuff.  If someone hadn't stolen the gems out of my gear, it would last even longer.  Maybe someone who reads this knows what happened to them.

I pretty much have no plan other than getting to level 90, I don't the have latest expansion.  There should be enough going on in Panda Land to keep me entertained for a bit.  Even if it just leveling, professions, and questing.  This blog post is boring, and I have excuses, but I don't want to use them.  I am going to save them for a worse post.  That's all.

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