Monday, March 10, 2008

ZA, Kara and things

We did our "progression" run through ZA this week, sadly we didn't progress. The first night went really well, we downed the bear, eagle and lynx bosses. On the bear boss Origami's (bear form tank) taunt was resisted and he killed Aleks (troll form) tank. The boss was at 23% Ferth stepped in and tanked the next troll phase and we got him down. The chest had the cloth shoulders our mage already had, hopefully Darolynn (shadow priest) will use them.

The eagle boss was easy and the chest had Staff of Dark Mending in it. I won the roll for it, I healed on this run. I won't go into should I be rolling on healing loot or not, I roll when asked to at this point. Luckily I had the mats for the +81 healing enchant in my bank as well as a nice gem for it, so I didn't have to go into my epic mount fund, I bought the other gems for it after I got the mount.

We wiped once on the Lynx boss and he died a terrible death the second time. Off to the Dragon hawk, I hate everything about this guy. His trash, him, his fire balls, everything. We didn't have much trouble with the trash this time around. The boss on the other hand was a lot of trouble. I'll sum up both nights of wiping on this boss, we died a lot. Fire balls killing the tank owned a couple of attempts. The teleport just as I start my aoe (I was moonkin second night) was really frustrating. Reminds me of the eagle boss, we had a lot of trouble with him, and haven't wiped since we downed him. I'm thinking once we get him down it'll be the same thing.

Saturday we tried to do a full Kara clear in 3 hours. We did all but Netherspite in under 4 hours. We had a slow start and our main tank Zadorr rarely does pve anymore, and hasn't done Kara in months, he did a great job it's just not as quick as doing it with someone with more experience. Right before opera we had one of our warriors hearth to repair (he forgot before to before hand). We found out it was R & J asked to bring in my rogue for the trinket that drops of them. I switched in and it dropped, little did I know another one of our rogues wanted it, if I had known that I wouldn't have switched. I tried to pass but was asked to roll, I rolled a 90 which wasn't good enough and hearthed. I didn't mind not getting the trinket (I'm glad I didn't), I just wish someone had said something before I switched, I need a million badges so not getting those for Lakini makes me sad. I should have just asked, my fault. I did pick up
Cord of Nature's Sustenance another boost to the old healing gear and 18 badges (I now have 28).

Well my hunter did just hit 50, love playing this guy. I got my second pet on this guy, a wolf named Bitey (unoriginal, I know) and respecced bm. Dps is up from around 100 to 120, but I only attacked maybe 3 mobs after the changes. I'm still deciding what class I want to use the next expansion. Shaman is the thought at the moment I have a level 29 one I don't use, I can't decided between elemental or resto on that.

Well we have Void Reaver coming up on Wednesday, looks like Homerjay will be answering the call, we are light on melee dps for this and have zero rogues going. I don't need tier 5 shoulders or anything else of that guy for Lakini.
Warp-Spring Coil (rogue only trinket) dropping with no rogues there would make me very sad.

Since I started playing WOW real life been fighting to defeat it. It looks like it's going to score a victory for now. I'll be taking a break after the 18th, not sure when to return. My work schedule is going to make raiding impossible unless I decide to not sleep basically. Unless we start raiding on Saturday or my work schedule an our raid one align just perfect one night (not likely). Depending on things work out I may return just to level my hunter and maybe another class. I have my doubts about being able to raid with my guild again. It could work out, hope it does. That's all for now.

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