Monday, June 02, 2008

A few things

Well, my computer did function for sometime on Friday and Saturday before it suffered permanant death. My shiny new Mac will be here the end of this week or Monday. I'll get into detail when I'm not posting a on Wii (not fun).

Friday I logged a few minutes after the raid I backed out of had started, they were able to get the 3rd timed chest, I was able to do daily quests. I got join long enough to wipe a few times on the Hex Lord, we just have bad luck on him. The fight can easy or hard based on the abilities he takes. We tend to take classes that are hard to deal with.

Saturday I got a tell asking me if I wanted to do Sethekk for my epic flying mount quest later, I did. So started doing to the 17 quests to get it. Not real fun, the going back and forth from Moonglade to Zangarmarsh is painful. So is going around to all the places you're sent without epic flying speed. I had two more quests to go when my computer froze and it hasn't come back on. Hopefully I'll get my computer by Friday and finish this up over the weekend. That's all.

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