Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beta and Druids (resto/balance)

I have put this off for a bit, it's long, complicated and no one cares. That won't stop me though, here it comes. I'm about 95% on using my druid, with a slight chance of going shaman. We have no one who has committed to a caster shaman. If I had a 70 shaman I would probably choose that however, something about the 40 levels from 30 to 70 holds me back. That and no one would have balance as an off spec. In a druid heavy guild I seem to the only who noticed balance tab on the talents menu. The utility balance druids will have is insane.

I don't really look at it like I'm going to be a balance druid, rather a caster druid. If end up healing most of the time or dpsing I don't care. With the way they have revamped gear most items will function for both. I will have no pvp spec because I have no plans to do so with this toon. Trying to pve or pvp with more than one character is something I have no interest in.

I'll go with resto first, 1/0/70 is the plan. I don't have a much to say about it. I have no doubts about the ability of resto druids in any healing situation. I haven't read much other than the descriptions of the talents. There really is zero reason to grab anything out of the resto tree, other than nature's grasp, for pure healing.

I look at resto and think it's pretty great. My only complaint about healing was the ever boring "Lakini you have the group". I never had any trouble healing anything in pve. The only thing I would say was lacking was aoe heal that had less than 10 minute cooldown, now that we have that. I don't feel the need to dissect everything and suggest improvements because from my point of view resto are fine. Balance is another story.

A spec is hard to post because I don't have enough talent points to get what I feel I need. Here is an example 55/0/16. For this build I grabbed what I want from resto and tried to get as much as I can from the top of the balance tree. My way to fix the bloat is to switch Intensity and Subtlety in the resto tree so I could get what I want for 14 points. Second would be to combine any two of Dreamstate, Moonglow or Lunar Guidance.

Overall I'm happy with the changes they have made. They made of Omen of Clarity when you but didn't useful for casters, that only took three years? It was a balance talent when I started playing then a resto and only worked with melee. Things like this make me wonder if they just sit around counting their money rather than work on the game. Moonkin form now regenerates manacrit instead having you melee to regen mana, which also made no sense at all.

As I said before the utility of a balance druid sweet. Depending on the mobs I can cc two at the same time. Improved ff will be a great for tank threat and increase the groups as we start raiding. Hurricane with no cooldown and with Gale Winds to increase the damage with Owlkin Frenzy to further increase it means great aoe damage and I'll have plenty of armor to survive. That and I still have healing spells and my dps gear will allow me to heal well in an emergency. Throw in the best dance in the game and you have a winner.

Now I still have my complaints Improved Moonkin Form needs to be buffed back up a bit, Earth and Moon needs some improvement as well. The top rank of Starfire (3.5 second cast) has lower base damage than Lightning Bolt (2.5) cast, unbelievable. The glyphs were posted today, the balance ones are pretty much garbage right now. I'll get into that when I talk when I go over my journey into the world of inscriptions. Starfall is a crappy 51 point talent, dispellable with a 3 minute cooldown, stupid. That's all.

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