Sunday, September 28, 2008

Change in plans

I was planning on leveling Homerjay first to get a head start on pvp. Not so much anymore, as I don't have much of any plan for pvp now. I had wondered for a while if I would have time for a full pve and pvp toon. You could be pretty casual about bg's and arenas and get your gear, not so much in the expansion. I had been saving up honor and marks for the expansion for 2 months, I picked up about 30k honor and anywhere from 20 to 30 of every mark. I'm not starting over, I don't pvp enough and don't want to pvp enough. That doesn't mean I won't do any pvp, but nothing like I was planning on. I was looking to get on a couple of serious teams and push a decent rating, I know that isn't going to happen no matter what I do so I'm not going to bother.

So, I'm hoping to level Lakini ahead of the leveling curve to avoid getting ganked. I don't know if I'll keep leveling blacksmithing, it has just been a time sink so far so dumping it wouldn't bother me. If I keep it I will level my hunter first, if I drop it the rogue. I want my first alt to 80 to have herbalism for inscriptions.

Of course I wonder if I will have time to raid. Right now Wednesday is the only day of the week I can raid and that would be a 2 hour one. My schedule changes from time to time and it blows right now. I have full confidence our ten man raid groups will be as good as any out there, just hope I can make it. That's all.

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Blue said...

I hope things workout and you can get on a solid raid schedule, your ability as a boomkin is one of the major reasons I want to stay an elemental shaman.