Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Off to the PTR

Well, as Blizzard is too noob to send a beta invite my way, I have to settle for the ptr. I sent my 3 70 there, Homerjay to the pvp server and Jøsiah and Lakini to the pve server. So far I have I picked up a haircut and enjoyed lag. My achievements are a bit sad, they figured out I have cleared Kara and Gruul's, they couldn't figure out Mag. I really should find a Mag group for the title, I'd like to grab a "raid title" from every expansion. I have done everything to earn it, other than get a heroic Arcatraz group before we stopped killing him.

I was able to test out the new balance spells. It's tough to see how effective Typhoon is, with the lag and all. Starfall is the new 51 point talent for balance druids, I used it with Hurricane for aoe mob killing. I could kill 6 or 7 level 68 to 70 mobs at a time, sadly that's all it's really good for. I mean it does less damage than Hurricane which every druid has. Starfall can be dispelled or spellstolen and doesn't work while your stunned, it's pathetic. I put all my points into balance to test out the stuff. I see leveling will be easy assuming no horde come by, a full balance spec druid is basically 3 shot by a few classes and can't kill healers right now. I'll post my final leveling spec just before Woltk is released.

I haven't done much with Homerjay due not getting my mods to work. I can't test pvp without them. I got rid of my daggers so no testing mutilate which is the way to go right now. I have no doubt daggers will be best no matter what blizzard says about making all the trees good for pvp and pve. They buffed mutilate and broke combat, I hate the direction they are going with rogues, not so much the dagger thing, I don't see a point to make every spec on a pure class viable for pvp and pve.

My hunter hasn't left Shat and won't until the world server is back up. I want to test the new pets available. I was going to grab a corehound but my son won't let me, they're too scary. I'm pretty sure beastmaster hunters are not going to be what they were in bc. That's not important though, farming gold with a crazy pet is all I'm after. That's all

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