Saturday, October 11, 2008

Final Straw?

Well, everyone once in a while Blizzard has a chance to remind me they don't care about individual customers as they have a huge player base. I forgot repick up the quest to kill Mag before joining a pug to kill him. We one shot him and I noticed I didn't have the quest, Blizzard said they can't do anything to help. Which is standard for them, I have never been happy with there customer service. I'm not sure I want to keep giving my money to a company who gives me the finger whenever I have a problem. That's all.

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Ofn said...

Man, I feel awful. I was kicking myself afterwards, wondering why I didn't ask you about having the quest. :(

I hear ya on the Blizz ueslessness. A couple things have happened to me lately, too, to make me wonder why I should continue to give them my money.