Monday, December 15, 2008

Team Lakini goes to Naxx

Earlier in the week there had been a Naxx group that killed some things, I didn't go. I was busy being social, which isn't normal for me. Taking my two children somewhere by myself is scary.

So Saturday a raid was scheduled and the twelve members of the group were invited. I'm going to post the roster, some folks changed their main in Heroes inc for Wotlk, here they are. I think we need more druids.

Ellevis (Wichita, raid leader), Tanking Death Knight
Lakini, me
Dottiez (Jagdelf), Warlock
Blackhaus, Disc Priest
Zaddor, Resto Druid
Tonkadonk, Feral druid
Origami, Feral Druid
Bluetide, Elemental Shaman
Starkra, Resto Shaman
Ofn, Rogue
Chickenpox (Rhubarb), dps Death Knight
Vundermann, useless spec Hunter

I'm going to keep the link for the webstats I record on the bar to your right over there rather than post a new link every time. If you look closely at data from our last you'll notice a lack of tenth person. Only nine of us were around (Origami's fault) and all the other 80's in the guild logged off when asked if they wanted to come. So we nine manned the plague quarter and the first boss of the military quarter. Since we were missing dps our biggest problem was getting behind on dps. That and all the druids dying on Heigen the Unclean, I don't like that guy.

It seems that its just a matter of raiding enough hours in a single week to clear the place. If we can nine man that much of it I'm guessing ten could clear it geared as we are. It seems they don't require enough dps to kill these bosses, our dps was good but not nine man it good. I don't want to talk about this anymore, so that's all.

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