Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random Dungeons

So, I like this patch, it makes me smile.  They put in new fancy things that amuse me, for now.  My favorite is the random dungeon.  I can now do a heroic when I feel like it and don't have to ask around.  The frost emblems you get are nice as well. 

I have done five or so of these and have noticed some trends.  First if you are a hybrid and not a failure (only can dps) queue up as a tank or healer unless you want to wait 10 to 15 minutes. Also tanks tend to out dps the dps, most of the dpsers are failures in gear or skill.  Healing heroics is really easy, I spend a good amount of time dpsing in them as a healer.  Also people don't like Oculus, why I don't know.

I have really enjoyed these, as an antipugger I approve of them. As healer I get a queue in less than two minutes.  Even if the dpsers are failures we still don't wipe.  Tast run I did was Nexus, we had a hunter who was in aspect of the viper the entire time.  He also kept attacking a boss when he was immune instead the adds to break his immunity (as did the warlock) and never moved to get rid of the debuff off the last boss.  I did more damage than he did in the instance.  These things are so easy it doesn't matter.  Assuming you don't get the new heroics, I'm bailing if I see one of those.

So props to Blizzard for this, now to get them to not have it cost eight trillion frost emblems for the gear I need.  That's all.

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Bacon said...

Like you, I love the new LFG tool. If you get a crappy tank, or DPSer, then you can kick em out and wait for a new one.

I haven't had any bad experiences yet, but I'm sure I'm due.