Friday, February 26, 2010

Lakini's Guide to the Plague Wing

Well, another wing cleared another award winning (not really) guide from me.  The plague wing has stupid trash that explodes and bosses that have weird voices.  So, this guy Professor Putricide makes these big ugly guys and you need to kill them.  I'm not sure what qualifies that guy to be a professor, I didn't notice any credentials in his lab.

First we will worry about Festergut, he is the easier of the two "things".  He is pretty much a gear test, if you have the gear you have to try hard to fail here.  This not a great fight for ranged, much like all the others so far.  Unless you get to stand in melee range, then yes it is.  He does some stuff which has our raid leader yell stuff like big aoe damage or big tank damage.  If you are healing just heal the group more or the tank more when told to.

He puts these spor looking things on people and everyone needs to be close enough to it for some reason.  The exact reason, is unknown to me, but I do know when Ofn gets it and runs away from the ranged rather than towards them we die.  So you get to run and not dps when the spor is out.  Also the boss picks a ranged person and makes them run around like an idiot and not dps or heal.  You need to make sure you far enough away from the other ranged or it can hit more than one person.  It doesn't pick a melee person as it would interrupt their dps rotation, we couldn't have that.  So for pro dps the key is to convince your raid leader to put you in melee range, if that plan fails make sure toss out any dots while you have to move.

When we first started doing this fight I was the third healer so if you are new to the fight you may want to go with three.  Last week we did it with two and we didn't have any issues, I think improved gear makes the difference.

Next is Rotface he involves coordination, so watch out.  The important things for us ranged dps and healers is too be out of the way when he vomits and know where to run when you get volatile infection.  Your dps can swing pretty heavily depending on how many times you get the infection.  For instance a couple of weeks ago I got it zero times and did 7900 dps on the fight.  Last week I got it twice and someone got me killed, 5300 dps.  Pretty big difference.  Anyway this fight is about kiting slimes and dispelling at the right time.  I don't do those things, so this is pretty easy for me.

At first we tried three healing the fight but we didn't have enough dps to finish him off before the slimes finished us off at around 25%.  Once we got the slime kitting and dispelling down we didn't need my healing and with the extra dps we easily burned him down.

Now the so-called Professor, he's a butthead.  This is one of those fights as dps that you know that your personal best isn't coming.  Tons of moving and target switches make sure of that.  So one of your tanks ends up in some abomination suit I guess.  He sucks up slime the old PP throws down.  If you like making jokes about sucking this is a great time to do so.  I don't, but to each his own.

This guy has three phases, phase one is pretty easy.  He summons on green slime and an orange slime while making pools of slime.  He does this until he is at 80% or maybe 75% no one knows for sure.  By no one I mean me.  We position him on the right side of the room and dps him then the stupid green slime then back to him.  We are able to start to phase two before the stupid orange slime comes out.

To start phase two he stuns everyone and them drinks some stuff from his table.  He becomes less attractive and starts throwing some other goo on the ground which is bad and should be avoided.  He still summons the slimes.  The green on picks a person who is he freezes in place, when he gets to him he does a knockback and it hurts people.  The orange one picks a person to follow this person needs to run away, if the slime gets to them they blow up (which is fatal).  So, all you need to is watch out for goo, slime and kill adds while dpsing the boss to 40%, which as you probably guessed means you are 5% away from phase three.  The last part of the previous sentence was not intended to make sense.

So in phas ethree you say goodbye to slimes and your goo sucking abom, which means the goo will flood the room if you don't kill him fast enough.  He also becomes even less attractive.  Make sure you raid leader doesn't call for bloodlust right at the start when no one is in position to dps the boss.  Not that that has ever happened before, just trying to prevent it from ever happening.  PP also has some stupid things that kill everyone so you need to dps him down quickly.

Once he is at zero percent, you have phase four.  During phase four you hear complaining about loot and celebration of the killing of the "professor".  It's a great time to go afk if you are a druid like me, I don't want any of his loot.

So remember my caster friends, unless you gain dps by switching targets, moving and getting stunned on occasion your damage won't be as good as normal.  Until you overgear the fight the best dps advice is to avoid the goo and death at all costs.  If you are a shaman healer make sure to spam heal yourself oom, works for Stark.  That's all.

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