Monday, March 28, 2011

Moving Day

After Thursday night's raid and the death of two overly talkative dragons we found out it was moving time.  I had received a note in the mail a few days earlier about moving servers and possibly switching back to Alliance.  Which made sense since I was finally going to get my alts the way I wanted them for the first time since Burning Crusade.  It also made sense as Altar of Storms is a crappy server, I knew we were leaving after I got the message.

I had to pack all my stuff and any mats I would want for new alts in one characters inventory.  If anyone out there knows why the number of bank slots you can get has not increased in seven years please let me know.  I'm sure there is a logical reason we can't get more bank tabs but bag sizes keep growing.  Anyway, lots of stuff, one guy.  I also decided to revive my level 76 hunter, which has been napping for years now.  He has 350 skinning and mining and was $30.00 cheaper to transfer.

I ran out of things to say about this, which means this blog post is over.  That's all.

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