Monday, August 22, 2011

My Journey to my Burning Treant (Long Edition)

The tier 12 two piece set bonus for balance druids summons a burning treant, which is everyone's dream come true.  So naturally when I saw that it was within reach this week I did something I had yet to do the this expansion.  Queue up for a random (alone), these have been out of style amongst those I raid with for a week or two.

I decided that regular randoms would be the way to go as I need dream shards and they would be easier to pug.  I queued up for both damage and healing and to my surprise I was in Grim Batol as dps in about three minutes.  It was going really quick and easy, I looked at the dps meters and was doing 20k to 30k on trash pulls while the other guys were doing 5k.  I just figured they sucked and this was easy.  Later I realized that I queued for a regular and not a heroic, which explained why it was so easy and the dps was lower.

Fresh off that success I did two heroics as a healer.  I hadn't done a non-troll heroic since April and it was noticeably easier to heal.  I did a couple of the Uldum ones, I don't remember what they are called.  The first one went smooth other than the tank for getting to participate in one of the boss fights, we killed him anyway.  The second has a couple of folks who like to afk and a tank who didn't notice, then he got mad and left.  His replacement was adequate and we cleared the place fine.

I did two more heroics in the morning and which kinda of run together for me.  I healed people, we won.  Then in the afternoon I saw that I could get Satchel of Exotic Mysteries  for healing a troll heroic.  Things became a struggle here, the shadow priest in the group was pretty bad, and the overall dps was a bit low.  We still made it through with only a couple of wipes.

At this point I only needed to one more for my gloves and set bonus.  I really didn't feel like doing another one, I shouldn't have.  I queued once more and got Stonecore, which I hate.  The tank immediately left, to be replaced a minute later with a guy in mostly greens.  After a couple of trash pulls I could tell where it was going and shut down WOW to go watch TV for a half hour or so.  When I returned I was still in Stonecore and the game told me I need to leave the instance or I would get saved to a cleared one.  I chose poorly (not to be saved) and requeued.  I got the same group which had wiped their way through some trash with the same awful tank, I immediately dropped group and killed 15 more minutes.

I knew I should call it a night, but I had to queue again.  I got an in progress Blackrock Caverns.  The group seemed fine and we pulled to the next boss.  I don't know the name of the boss I just know you need to move in and out of beams or adds turn into big scary guys.  First attempt I failed to move in time as did one other person and we wiped.  Second attempt I forgot to move out the second time and my add got scary.  The tank never taunted him (don't know if can) I survived quite a while with thing on me but not long enough for us to get a kill.  That was the end for me.

So Sunday night I logged on just before 11:00pm server time to give random heroic another try.  Just after I queued I got whisper for the gm asking if I could heal Ragnaros, I said yes.  This is the only fight in Firelands I haven't done any studying on and had know idea what happened in the fight.  I jumped in vent and the fight was explained to me pretty quickly.  I guess raid time was supposed to already be over or supposed to be ending any minute.  In phase one it was my job to make sure the group was topped off for fire traps, which would kill people if I didn't.  Phase two I need to stand in the green marker he put on the ground and move with the group when told.  We would move to a point together and there was massive aoe damage to the group, then move back to our spots.  Phase three had giant balls (for real) which would fixate on people and had to be kited and it with a dps spell before they hit you, if done wrong you would wipe the group.

The first attempt I burned through my mana pretty quickly as I wasn't in position and paranoid about letting people die.  The other two healers stayed on the tanks and healed themselves.  In phase two I moved to the wrong spot at one point,  I tried to move to where I belonged which meant a quick run through fire, not a good idea.  If I had understood the fight better, I would have waited five seconds and gone back to my spot alive.  I got battlerezzed and got my mana back.  We wiped in what appeared to be the transition from phase two to three.  Which was the fault of the dps and not me, which was good for me.

The second attempt went more smoothly for me.  By the end of phase one figured out how to best get my people topped off and still have mana left.  Phase two I didn't get lost, or intentionally walk into fire.  Phase 3 started and the giant ball fixated on my pretty quickly.  No travel form allowed so ran until it got close and moonfired which sent it backwards.  Now if I or anyone else sent one back towards people they would die.  When the boss was at 13% (you only take him to 10%) two balls came at me and killed me.  I don't know if they got knocked back at me or just both hated me, the important thing was the boss ran away and left loot.  I also didn't pop heroism on accident at any point in the fight, just throwing that out there.

I don't know they how they do their loot but I wasn't going to roll on anything.  They didn't use master loot one person rolled need on the tier 12 helm and someone greed an a nice caster weapon.  Right after the I headed back to Stormwind and picked up my Obsidian Arborweave Gloves and my friend, who doesn't proc nearly enough.  That's all.

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