Thursday, September 15, 2011

About the possibility of Quitting

To put it simply if there is no end game, no raiding, no rated battle grounds there is no reason to play.  I haven't really blogged about the guild I am in, but I'm not nearly elite enough to get an invite to rated bgs.  That doesn't bother me, they are pushing 2500 rating, I'm not that good.  The bottom line is that I don't get to do them and druids that are not feral are pretty bad in arena.  So pvp is dead for me at this point.

Despite the facr we are progressing we are when we raid we rarely do.  We one or two shot (l2tank Beth Rob) three bosses in 90 minutes and quit because someone has to go.  Then we don't raid again for a couple weeks.  That isn't enough for me to justify the $14.99.  Anything I do with alts is based around making life easier for me on my druid, if there is no endgame there is no point to leveling my alts.

Speaking of leveling alts must one dps in a low level random think he should pull?  As long I have played I really don't have patience for people who are don't have a clue.  Pulling mobs on your own as dps is stupid, I left my last three randoms after some moron starts pull stuff.  In one a druid would take a pull off then go bear and pull his own set of mobs, on another a druid went pulled a pack while the tank was pulling one, I left both so I'm not sure how that went.  Then there was the Mara with a prot paladin and resto shaman who were both dps.  I have a headache.

Back to the topic, if we can't recruit and the 14 of us can't raid twice a week I'm done.  Rated bg's will not happen, that's all.


Ted said...

Work has been kicking my butt for the last month, but my Thursdays are open again.

Ted said...

About people pulling in lowbie dungeons, I've been running a lot on my baby Warrior. When the moonkin can pull and tank a boss without much help from heals or tanks why wouldn't they.

Lakini said...

Maybe I'm just cranky, but if you are dps you are supposed to dps and have the tank, tank. I did one instance where a mage was pulling and the tank just sat down we let the mobs kill him, then he stopped pulling. Best instance do far.

Ellevis said...

Truthfully the possibility for quitting seems to be hitting everyone. One of the reasons I haven't tried to make changes the last couple of weeks is because I have been on the fence about whether I was just done playing or not.

One thing I know is that 2 nights a week does not work with the group we currently have. So I either change the group or go to 1 night a week. I personally would prefer one night a week but we would have to raid for at least 3 hours to make it feasible.

Finding a day is not an easy task. We are also gonna lose a few people for sure. Blue is done and I might be able to get Black to continue raiding but not if he's healing.

Anyway, I think I started rambling on, bottomline is that things need to change.