Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving on

Last week there was a death in my family so I was out of town all weekend and put no thought to what was going on with the game.  Which I would have thought would help me make a decision that wasn't motivated by the frustration I was feeling last week.  That failed, I am really more irritated than I was before

As I posted last week I am quitting wow.  I will not be returning.  My return back in January was based on a flawed premise, that I could come back and not do end game pve.  That clearly doesn't work for me or I would keep playing.  The pve does not need to be competitive like it was in Wrath, but it needs to exist and not be terrible.

Right now, I regret coming back at all.  I spent money moving toons, time leveling them along with professions for nothing.  I accomplished nothing.  I didn't even get tier 11 cleared much less tier 12.  I had some fun, but mostly wondered why we sucked when we used to be good.  Then of course once we didn't suck we quit.

I doubt I will play an mmo again, I won't play one anytime soon.  I'd like to work towards getting my bachelors.  The kind of endgame pve that I would be interested in doesn't mesh with that, full time work and a family.

I'm not sure how to end this and not sound like a jerk, but when have I ever done that?  I want say thanks to the guys I played with in case I don't get a chance to talk to you again.  I hope nobody takes this as indictment of them or how they play.  I should have known that it wasn't going to end well, that most of us have played this game too long.  Good luck to you guys in stwor and try not to offend all the Star Wars nerds, they are more sensitive than regular nerds.  That's all.


Ted said...

Sorry to hear of your families loss.

It's been fun gaming with you , and like so many others, you'll be missed.

Best of luck with your real life pursuits. Feel free to drop by either of my blogs from time to time to say hello.

Ofn said...

We had some laughs. We had some fun. We kicked some undead guy's butt pretty good.

It stinks that things didn't work out this time around. Funny the things that bring people together, that eventually fades away.

Best wishes on your degree pursuit, and the other things going on. Drop me a line at sometime; I'd like to stay in contact if you're interested.

Lakini said...

Thanks guys, I'll be tracking you guys through Honor's blog and bug you from time to time. I know the post seemed a a tad on the negative side but I really enjoyed our adventures together.

Neovomica said...

Gonna miss ya man. It was really fun raiding with you. I know we had some hard nights and frustration but we also had some killer times.

Good luck with future endeavors. Hope to see ya around fat chicken!

Tonkadonk said...


Doug Jones said...

No idea if you will see this or not Lakini, but you're the man. Gaming was fun and I was glad I got to meet you. I know I sucked, but you took up the slack often. Sorry for your loss, you and your family are in my prayers..

The Infamous Shad.

Lakini said...

Thanks Shad