Saturday, August 04, 2007

I guess I'll keep doing this and you will like it

Well, I'm a bit lazy with this blog thing. Plenty of events happened, leading a kara group (got me a Shard of the Virtuous, 98 roll ftw) Seems like I only win rolls on healing gear. I'm enjoying the switch to a more resto build it's nice to have gear for your class/spec that is attainable. Gearing up isn't nearly as frustating, and blizzard has coded the game so I never beat mages on rolls anyway. Made my Magnified Moon Specs and Wonderheal XT40 Shades not much more I can do to improve my gear outside raiding. Did a couple of runs to help gear up some fellow guildies. It didn't go as planned, I got more drops than anyone I was trying to help. Got to test my healing abilities in a five man. I've found that healing kara is easier than a five man, for me anyway. For people to die in a regular mech run with my gear isn't good. I was browsing the armory and I have more +heal and mp5 than the top druid healer in Different Strokes (servers top raid guild) I guess I need it to make up for not knowing what I'm doing. I wanna try spamming ht rank 4 and keeping up lifebloom but I need Idol of the Avian Heart for it to have a chance to work.

As for pvp, our arena team traded a warlock Regolas for our Paladin Honorshammer, so we'll have to learn how to play together. I have no idea what I'm doing? Heal? Dps? I dunno. Regolas was dead in 5 seconds. Looks like I might be the damage tank next week fool em into thinking I'm resto, then go all moonkin on em. I think in time we will do quite well together. Regolas can do a ton of damage if he can stay up and his fel hound can chew on the other teams healers. That's enough for now.

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Jon said...

I definitely think DPS is a great way to start if you can, as we need to own one of their players early, early on to compensate for our lack of sustained healing. With 4 DPS, we can take care of a lot of scrub teams who don't know how to handle that kind of abuse. We played pretty well this week with you not being in stealth at times and we just need to continue tweaking things.