Sunday, August 05, 2007

Blackbeard's Delight

I am the team leader (guy who spent the gold) of Blackbeard's Delight a 3 vs 3 arena team. It has the members of my 5 vs 5 team plus Sameth (played by Ferth most of the time). After playing with Lou and Sameth (Ferth) a couple of weeks ago we decided we should just go with the 3 of us and see how well we can do, so far so good. After going 3-2 on Thursday we got together Saturday night. We brought our record to 12-8 for the week and upped our rating to 1654. We had lost to one team 3 times so far in the night. They had mage, rogue and resto druid. Sameth would hide behind a pillar and the mage slowly make his way down till we attacked him, then we died. For our last 2 matches we faced them again, except they subbed a holy paladin for the druid. We owned them. If Blizzard found out about this I'm not sure what they would do, maybe buff mortal strike or something. They were better with the resto druid over the holy pally, didn't think that was possible. We also played a team with a former guild member from way back, he was on his mage, he died fast, the rest of his team took a bit longer but we won. At this rate I'm 4 weeks away from my Merciless Gladiator's War Staff. I killed a level 39 warlock on my level 34 hunter, that pleases me.

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Jon said...

Yeah man, we are doing awesome with our 3 vs 3 team. I love this setup because it's unique and I think we have a lot of potential here. There are lots of different strategies we can try. I think I need to get some additional AP and crit so I can increase my damage a bit as I'm rarely the focus fire target. Another successful run this week and you're a week closer to getting that staff of yours. :D