Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another exciting Kara run

So our first Kara run with our new fancy system we're trying and I enjoyed not picking the team. If you want a full list of who went you can check Honor's blog he's real good about that sort of thing, I'm not. So we down Attunemen (yawn). Bracers of the White Stag and Spectral Band of Innervation dropped of him. I think the next the bracers drop I'm going to take then maybe they'll stop dropping for us. After making quick work of Attunemen we decided to try Moroes. I was sure about having only 2 full time healers for him, but the group wanted to down him (and so did I). We got the shadow preist, holy Paladin, ret paladin and ms warrior, we were sad. I love the prot warrior, but he wasn't there. We tried him a few times but had trouble controlling the trapped one, stupid ret paladin dispel. After the trash reset we ended up subbing out Ferth for Bacon, we needed to shackles and another healer. With our slightly different group we downed him on the first try, 3 battle rezs and 1 soulstone. I had to use 3 mana pots and 2 innervates, bacon and Sameth were oom as well. I'm trying to figure out how to measure how effective our dps is. I know part of our mana problems were because Moroes killed a couple of people after he gouged Honors. Battle rez and healing back up takes mana. It is also just a long fight and with 2 tanks, 3 healers and full time cc you're asking for a lot of dps from 4 guys. Moroes dropped Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran and Edgewalker Longboots. The cloak was the first caster dps drop I've seen since I specced dreamstate healer. I didn't want to roll on it, it would have been a nice upgrade but if I'm going to see new bosses downed having purple dps gear in my bag isn't going to help us much. So it's official, for me anyway, I'm a healer for (pve anyway), dps career is on the back burner.

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Origami said...

I like your evaluation. It's true, having 2 on CC, 2 tanking, 2 healers means you have 4 DPS trying to burn everything down fast. That's a lot of DPS to try to throw out.
Maybe we need to try to devise some strats on doing things even better?