Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tanking Underbog

As you can tell from the title I tanked underbog. Not real impressive, I'm not feral and my tank gear isn't that hot. 18k armor and 10500 hp or so, 396 defense, plenty good for underbog. I went with Ashur, Lilura, Agnate and Fontam. We tried it with my rogue Homerjay, but Ashur (lvl 65 balance druid) couldn't keep Agnate (67 pally) up. So I switched, we cleared half way to the second boss when Fontam said he needed to a dinner break. I thought I would try moonkin tanking. I put on my pvp gear and marked up some targets. Lilura (65 mage) sheeped one out of the 3 and tanked the rest. We moved pretty easliy though the instance. We wiped on third boss, but by the time we were ready again Fontam was back and it was cake from there. So Moonkin tank> Bear Tank. The pants I wanted for my rogue dropped, he wasn't there. Seems like most instances I try with my rogue I have to sub out because I need to heal or tank. Such is life


Honors Code said...

Sorry I wasn't around last night to give you guys a hand. I can tank or heal any non Heroic with my gear.

This weekend is looking bad for me. I should be on late Friday, but not at all Saturday. Sunday is iffy.

I really hope we get some more healers and get you and Wich back to all PewPew.

Origami said...

Bah, I've offered to tank/dps for any instance Homer needs. We rarely seem to get this done though. :P

Lakini said...

If only you could tank and heal Origami