Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's been a while

Well, it's been a bit slow in Lakini land. Last weekend was pretty uneventful, Underbog on the alt on Staurday, then leveling another alt. Sunday after the guild finished up kara we did another gear up Rhubarb sv run, second time through we actually got a drop he wanted. I grabbed exalted with CC, grabbed some money off an alt to get my a couple of items my stupid web browser won't link. Looks like another run at the curator without me this week. After hearing their last attempt I was sure that if I could be there as a third healer the next week he would go down, I'll be waiting a bit longer to find that out. I was pretty surprised the second kara run was scheduled when I couldn't go, the thought that it would be scheduled on Sunday never crossed my mind. My disappointment level was not quite where it was with the officials of super bowl 40 (where the officials handed a super bowl trophy to the Steelers rather than requiring them to earn it) but it was pretty high. I'm not trying to down the person who set up the raid times, he's a great guy who I respect and I'm not the least bit unhappy with him. I saw the light of at the end of my raiding tunnel, a raid team, I thought we might actually down some new bosses. It ended up being a naked hobo with a flashlight who took my wallet and pissed on my shoe. Such is life, I'm sure next week I'll see the other side:)


Origami said...

Lol, nice analogy.
Don't sweat it though, you just missed us wiping a couple of times. :)
Besides, you know some the drop will just be plate or something equally useless to us. :P

Krawl said...

You should be so lucky! My light at the end of the tunnel is usually a train!