Thursday, August 16, 2007

Begining of the raid team

I guess it kind of started tonight, officially next week I think. Well, it was fun night, 3 bosses down, crappy loot gotten, much moonkin dpsing, good times. Jag got some shoulders, the rest of the gear was taken under the premise that they might use this gear at some point if can't find their other gear and respec. Attunemen was pretty easy, I healed Origami who tanked midnight and then the 2 combined. As far as I could tell while he was tanking midnight I was the only one healing him, I used rejuv and rank 5 ht for the most part. If I started to get behind I used lifebloom and a higher rank ht which would top him off. Next was Moroes, we switched in Sameth for Ferth for shackling. Jag trapped the ms warrior Sameth (Ferth) shackled the ret pally we downed the holy preist and Origami tanked the prot warrior. I dpsed on the fight, our group had some high dps folks so Moroes went down pretty quick, and with two pally's and 2 dwarfs garrote wasn't a problem (Bacon died). Next was Big bad wolf (opera event). The wolf turned Bacon into little red riding hood right away and killed him, so I battle rezed him. I dpsed again. I love that fight people running, turning into small children, it's great. I used one mana pot and had 4000k mana left at the end of the fight, battle rezing and shifting out hurts me there (bacon died again, I couldn't battle rez him) After I failed to convince the group to try Curator we went on to Maiden (which was the right move) We killed Maiden's trash in less than 10 minutes and tryed the boss. We made 2 attempts and called it, it was getting late. I think I should have healed on that fight, just keeping my hots on Origami and and helping the pallys who were healing and removing magic would have helped. Origami died when none us were up during repentance otherwise it would have been easy. I ended up 4th on my dps meters which I was happy with. With my spec and the fact I healed a 5 minute boss fight, to out dps anyone is good for me. Getting a chance to use my raid dps gear was fun. The lack mana problems makes me think I should try adding moonfire to my dps rotation. The usual moonkin raid dps rotation is insect swarm 3 starfires repeat. Moonfire isn't a very mana efficient spell, if I find it's too much I'll probably ditch a bit of mana/mp5 for more damage. Overall I had a good time and am looking forward to our next run.

On another note I have decided to to step down from my 5 vs 5 team. Just don't have time for it. I'm going to miss it, I hope I can get my fill of arenas with Blackbeard's Delight.

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