Monday, August 20, 2007

AB and Heroic SP

I was able to do guild pvp night, for a bit anyway. It had been a while and I was looking forward to playing in a full organized group for a battleground. In our first battle we had, 2 former guildies 1 pug and 13 Heroes. We came up against another organized group. We actually won, I was pleased. It's nice to have hunters, locks, and even a mage in our group, we win fights with them. For our second battle we got a 15th and 4 capped a pug, however it was time for me to take an extended break. After I put my kids to bed I returned, and got beaten down. First match back we got 4 capped by a pug, we didn't have a full group, I don't remember how many we had exactly . Our last game we got 5 capped by a group from our server, what a way to end the night.

After we were done I asked if anyone was up for a quick heroic. We ended up doing slave pens, I only had one badge and wanted Quagmirran's Eye and maybe a nether. The group had Honorshammer as the tank, Zadorr, Wichita, and Sylvara as dps and me as the healer. My first real attempt at healing a heroic. I was happy that we had two that had a ooc (out of combat) rez. Why a druid need that? We only had one wipe, which was my fault. I was having trouble seeing what was going on in the corner we were pulling and learned that I need at least one HOT (heal over time) on the tank, Wichita, the op shaman, self rezzed and got the rest of us. Overall, I was happy with how I did. If anything went bad for me it because I was not paying attention or inexperience, not my spec. A good night.