Monday, August 20, 2007

Time for some Chess

When I logged on our karazhan team was at work. They had already down Curator (guild first) and were clearing to the chess event. The raid leader hadn't prepared past Curator so they were kind of winging it. They got lost and called it. 4 folks from the raid ported and left, while the rest went exploring and looking for the chess event. The event is the easiest fight in kara and probably any raid. I got an invite to the raid to see if we could do the event if we could find it. By the time arrived it had been found and they're were 3 single pulls to take care of, another joined us so we ended up with 8. The event has a chess board and you take control of one of the pieces the goal being to kill the opposing king. Our first attempt was a mess, second we got their king to 30% or so. I was a cleric on the first 2 attempts so I grabbed a water elemental for the last one. We started off by moving the pawns (footman) forward and bring out the big guns. Our goal was to kill the 2 healers and down the King. I nuked the one healer down and before I could get on the next one I was killed. I went to grab a new piece and the king was all that was left, so I jumped in. Soon after I did some fire was tossed into my spot so I moved out of the way. One of the enemy pawns came over so I owned him. I was just trying to stay out of the way while the others killed the king. That plan didn't work, the rest of the group died and I was the only left so I moved back towards their king to try to kill him. We both we at about 30% when the moved towards me into my range. So "spammed"my attack and damage increase buff and killed him, I had 1% health left. Much rejoicing ensued. Forestlord Striders dropped, I was pleased. Those were biggest upgrade I could get in Kara at this point. I look forward to what we can do this upcoming week.

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Origami said...

Good job. Chess sounds like fun... I hope I get to see it the next time we clear that far!