Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Raid team 5 Karazhan 0

So we did our first official run as a raid team, a good time was had by all. Some people went, check Honor's blog for who the roster. So I was used as dps, Brambles/Rhubarb decided to bring his paladin (which didn't work for drops anyway). Like I said 5 bosses down, we weren't planning on it, but after Moroes and Attunemen went down in quick time I suggested we kill em all. Nothing too exciting from the Attunemen fight, I forgot to put on my spell hit gear, resist was something I saw a lot during the fight. My gear gives me 93 spell hit, talents and Wichita boost that up a bit as well. The gear I used had 19, if I could have recorded that fight I could show the sadness of raiding missing + spell hit. Then began the if Origami was here drops, Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation dropped nearly and were nearly taken by me, then once I figured out Bacon would use them I said he should take them. I hate to see stuff de'ed, Idol of the Avian Heart dropped, I was pleased. Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings also dropped, I was not pleased. We decided to do Opera next. On the way there we had our second epic trash drop, Zierhut's Lost Treads, no Origami, so they're part of my tanking set. The Crone was waiting for us, I had never tried it before, no one had actually. A bunch of mobs running around causing trouble, not much trouble though we downed them with no problem. Roar a beast, was fearable by the hunter. I couldn't hibernate though, makes sense, or does it? Some things dropped that people wanted and people were pleased. After a silent vote we went after Curator, the trash seemed quite easy, and so did Curator. The same two drops they got on Sunday dropped again. We rushed to go down Maiden and did, no healing mace though. Well, my dps meters got reset when I disconnected a couple of times, I'm pretty sure, I was second on dps. Before when I was doing well dps wise I thought it meant the other dpsers weren't. I'm starting to think my dps is fine is the thing. The way stuff was dieing so quick, our dps isn't low. The raid was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the new bosses we will face the weekend.


Honors Code said...

You were #2 without a doubt. I only show 3 resists for you on Attumen in my combat log, but the log only has a 30 yard range. There is supposed to be a way to change it, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Origami said...

Zierhut's Lost Treads dropping twice in as many runs means I'll never see this drop. :(

Grats on the successful 5 kills run. Hopefully, this means we can do it more consistently.

Lakini said...

The stats website showed I had quite a few resists on him