Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Homerjay and pvp, Lakini and pve

I hit 70 with Homerjay so now to gear him up. It is a world of difference pvping with as a apposed to a balance, I have to chase people to kill them, I don't like that. I can't heal myself either, which is weird to me. Not that a rogue can't heal, but I can't heal is. I love stun locking people, no healz for you preist. I'd like to spec combat maces, but the downside to that is I don't have maces. My options are limited on getting one as well, nothing on the ah, I'm not a blacksmith and farming instances for drops isn't something I can do, I try every once and a while and almost always fail, so no point in that. I can get pvp maces, however I need armor as well, I have 12 resilience and 7800 hp or so, that needs to go up. Av weekend is this weekend so I'll have that upgraded soon.
I still can't figure out how I want to spec Lakini, I feel like I'm hitting the ceiling with balance, I have gotten 2 drops for balance in 3 months, I don't win rolls, things drop when I'm not there. I'm starting to feel gimped in dps, I used to outgear all the dps in our guild, I don't anymore, and my gear isn't going to change much. In our last kara run, I didn't use wrath much because despite have salv and agrro reducing talents I pulled aggro anyway. I got aggro on Moroes, how did I do that? We killed 2 adds first (which took forever), I don't blame the tank who was supposed to have second aggro, I shouldn't have more aggro than the healers. Maybe I'm a bit down after a less then enjoyable kara run, if my mic isn't working I will not go. I hate not being able to talk, typing in raid chat doesn't work unless people actually read it. It was like going to a party and having my jaw wired shut. I have my little chalkboard that no would look at. It says "Dorothee is untankable!!!" At least at a party I could wave it in front of peoples faces (and slap them), it was stuck in a corner of there screen. Well, this is just turning into whining, this is supposed to be about my loss of confidence in balance viability with my inability to improve my gear. Well, I guess that's the way it is.

Edit, I grabbed Merciless Gladiator's Gavel today, that might do the trick


Origami said...

This is similar to what I read on the WoW druid forums for balance spec (well, feral too) is that we max out on gear way before any other class and they surpass us in our areas.
Hang in there. We'll help you run instances to gear up Homer. You have more luck with him with drops anyway, remember? :D

Jon said...

Sweet, welcome to the level 70 rogue club! And I couldn't be happier to hear that you're planning to get some serious PvP in with your rogue.

Cbass and Sylvara and I have been doing lots of 2 vs 2 arenas with rogue + rogue. If you have any questions to ask of a battle-weary (yet still sucky) rogue like myself about rogues and arenas, just send me a tell!