Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not Being a Druid

I don't need to be a druid, I like it and all, but I do have alt. Not one of those level 19 alts you hear so much about but a level 69 one. When you're a rogue no expects you do anything special, no battle rez, no innervate, no moonkin or bear dancing, so simple. Seems like the time has finally come where I can get a group with him. I leveled twice this week, I haven't done that with this toon in a long time. I got to do mana tombs and and steamvaults (you can't sap when your daggers are broken btw). No drops in either but I wasn't after that, xp and ce rep please. I hit revered for the sweet head enchant and transmute. I'm about 600,000 xp away from 70, I want to use my rogue for arenas/pvp. The problem being I need gear for that. Not being able to make guild pvp night till the last hour and getting a spot doesn't help with that. Neither does the fact I'm alliance, I have pugged ab and wsg about 1826351287361972 times, I don't want to ever again. I need the gear if I want to do this right I could just use my already geared druid and use the rogue for pve. Ha! That would be the day, I can see it now. Alright guys I know I have 1700+ heal +839 damage or I can tank, but I think I'm going to use my rogue for kara now. I mean, I know can't tank or heal, and my dps just got cut in half, and all the loot I got so far with Lakini will just sit in my bags, but I think it's best for everyone. I'm not sure who would be thrilled about being on an arena team with guy with no pvp gear, and who hasn't pvped with this class since level 30's bracket. I do know a team leader who will take him though (good thing I have a team). I'm looking forward to arenas with my rogue, all the stun locking and warlock killing (eventually). Getting to 70 with mostly soloing wasn't so great, the real pain is ahead.

Don't worry I'm not switching mains, it took a lot of time to come up with "Lakini's Stupid Blog" I'm not coming up with another name. Though I'm sure my new raid team will be happy to let Homer do a few Attunemen/Moroes runs(mostly Attunemen):)


Origami said...

Rogue for PvP is nice. Have you decided on a spec? Combat mace perhaps? :)

Anyway, don't sweat it with the PuG BGs. You only need to run WSG, AB, and EotS about 50 times each, for the marks (less if you win some). All your honor will come from AV anyway and really you can just follow the zerg so no one notices you're not doing much. :P

Arenas... takes some time but you'll get the points. It doesn't matter even if you get a scrub team as long as you get your 10 games in and get arena points, you'll get the gear eventually.
You have the option of going for A1 gear to start since they're cheaper too.

Jon said...

What Origami said.

Ah, the rogue class. It's a blast in PvP. It also sucketh at arenas until you get massive #$#@!%$ resilience gear. Just do AV until your eyes fall out of your head and your hand whithers up.

Here's a tip in getting a 2 vs 2 team going: you're going to have to make up for your lack of armor. Get a class that synergizes well with rogues. A priest (shadow or holy), a lock, a resto druid... you'll do much better than just picking some random shmuck.

Peace out!