Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Maybe I was wrong

Well, I didn't think tanking in kara was something I would do again, I did. With Honorshammer leaving while Zadorr and Beilin are gone we have a tank shortage. I made a couple of flasks of supreme power was ready to smash everything in my path in search of my tier 4 gloves. Instead we were missing one a player and had no priests. We were starting with Moroes and then to Opera and Curator. So Ferth switched to Sameth and I switched to feral, Azwynn logged on and we were set. I really need to make a to list when respeccing to feral, I always forget something, gear, to train my talents, something always goes wrong. I also learned not to respec until needed. I was balance for 3 days, I healed Shatted Halls. I could have done that feral and saved myself 85 gold, such is life.
Anyway our roster
Dlow Holy Paladin
Sameth (Ferth) Holy Priest
Wichita Elemental Shaman
Origami Feral Druid
Lakini Feral Druid (for the moment)
Azwynn Enhancement Shaman
Regolas Warlock
Sylvara Rogue
Nim Rogue
Shmedlap Hunter

Trash wasn't a problem, we quickly cleared to Moroes, I enjoyed getting drunk, things were blurry and didn't die. It took 4 attempts but we got him down. The first 2 times we had add trouble, third time I didn't have second aggro on Moroes (I was off tanking the prot warrior). On our last attempt we had good luck with the garrotes, he got the two tanks, a dwarf, a paladin and another. We moved on to Opera, we got Romeo and Juliet. We lost Sylvara to so connection issues and he was replaced with Jagdelf. Three tries for this, we tried to bring in Ferth instead of Sameth for an axe drop. I switched to my healing gear, with two non healing specced healers didn't work so well, that combined with bad luck with tanks getting stunned meant doom. For the last attempt we had to reclear some trash but we had no problem on the last attempt everything went pretty much perfect. Two bosses in 3 hours wasn't what the plan, but we had some connection and teleporting to repsec issues that slowed us down. Seems like we are slowing down in our progress for a couple of weeks. Hopefully some of our tanks reappear soon and we get back to business.

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Origami said...

Yeah, that run was a bit slow due to connection issues and then having to respec due to subbing people in.
And yeah Opera was difficult with 2 non-heal specced healers. Good thing Ferth's 2Her didn't drop or he would have whined. He's such a loot whore! ;)
j/k Ferth :P