Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tanking Kara and things

Well, the other night I tanked. Rare for me, I guess I tanked aq 20 a while back, level 66 I think? We had no tank specced tanks for our let's go kill attunemen run. So Ferth grabbed his tank gear and decided to respec for the night. I grabbed my earthwarden, then teleported, hearthed teleported again and eventually ended up at kara. It was pretty easy, my gear was plenty good for attunemen and bear tanking isn't real complicated, well tanking one thing anyway. Spam 3 abilities, hope I get enough healz. I tanked the horse, when they merged I got aggro. Some little warrior was all "drop aggro and innervate the preist". So I didn't do anything other than white damage until attunemen started attacking the group, not the little warrior. No taunting, so I mangled and got him back and tanked him for the next hour or so, then he died. The horsey dropped and some pally healing gloves. Two more chances for my starfire idol, two more chances to wonder why I waste my time trying to gear a moonkin. Gearing a resto druid> gearing a balance druid.

It seems our main tank and raid leader had left for "25 man" pastures, I wish him the best of luck and think he should have played Randy Moss instead of Vincent Jackson last week. Speaking of raiding I'm not sure if I can anymore, the times the guild raids are pretty horrible for me, time zones ftl. I guess I'll try again tonight.

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