Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Return of the Moonkin (Nerdy title for Honor's)

Well, return of the fully powered moonkin. I dpsed in Kara and it was glorious. Dpsing before felt like I was using training wheels on my bike or driving on the freeway with one of those stupid little spare tires. The ones where you have to go 55, and watch everyone drive by. Not anymore, I didn't realize how much difference the respec would make, but an extra 800 damage on my starfire crits and 400 on my wrath crits was nice. I didn't even have Wichita there, I can't wait to dps with an extra 101 spell damage and 3% chance to crit and 4 % to hit, and my buddy Wichita will be there too:) I also so got my Trial-Fire Trousers, wonderful pants they are. Regolas passed on them so they were mine (what a guy). Curator gave me a chance to return the favor when he dropped the Staff of Infinite Mysteries, he also dropped druid, warrior, priest token. Only five of those in the raid, Origami won, after all the feral loot I've got while he was not in the raid, I'm glad he won. Those pants were one of two things one my Kara most wanted list, teir 4 gloves being the other. So one down one to go. It was great run, I hope I get a chance to do try out a 5 man tonight


Origami said...

Grats on the pants! Sorry you didn't get to go to SH last night. We need to get that damn idol to drop!

Wichita said...

Congrats on the Pants Lakini. I can't wait to roll into Kara with you in full DPS mode :) I think our combined DPS will be pretty scary.