Thursday, October 11, 2007

140 down 12 to go

Well, after a bit of break Heroes Inc returned to Kara, led by me strangely enough. I haven't led a raid in a while. Our old raid leader Honorshammer took up leading raiding after my last run as leader. The run went quite well, despite some of my noobness. On the Moroes fight I marked the Holy preist to be downed before the Shadow preist, bad idea. Mana burns helped us wipe while Moroes was at 8%. I forgot to put on my spell hit gear before the Moroes first attempt and Curator.

Anyway the roster

Zadorr Feral Druid
Beilin Prot Warrior
Me Balance Druid
Regolas Warlock
Krawl Mage
Jenet Warrior
Shmedlap Hunter
Mathman Holy/disc Preist
Rahamza Dreamstate Druid
Sweatyz Holy Paladin

So Moroes went down fairly easily the second try, and I survived. First time I didn't die on a moroes attempt while dpsing. Krawl died though, a theme for the evening. The last time I ran with Krawl I beat him in deaths easily. He wouldn't let me win twice in a row. As far as the Opera goes we go the Crone. We had a good group for this and it was quite easy. I scored Ruby Slippers, that pushes me to 140 spell hit in raid boss gear. With talents that's just 12 away for the cap, at least that is what I've been told. They also replace my hearthstone. I could use the bag space. The only boss I had no thought of getting any loot from and I did, maybe I should do that more often.

We moved on to Curator, our first attempt didn't go so well. Rahamza disconnecting during the fight meant doom. Second attempt was successful. No tier for any of the 5 druids, warriors and priests. The rogue, paladin, shaman token dropped. No need to roll for anybody on that one. I don't know who had the idea that to put warriors, druids , and preists on the same token but I hate them. When that one drops for us 5 people roll on it, I have never seen anyone roll for the others, people have already gotten theirs or there is only person who can use.. They didn't have Heroes Inc raid make up in mind when they came up with this. Anyway I had a good time leading the group. The important thing is we cleared all the bosses leading to Aran who we have our sights on for tomorrow.

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