Sunday, October 07, 2007

Heroic time

Well enough about my inabailty to pvp with a rogue, let's talk heroics. Saturday night we gave heroic Black Morass a try. Our old friend Honorshammer joined us, us being Wichita, Origami, Baconstrip and I. We did three attempts, on the last we downed the second boss. It was fun but hard to keep up with the portals. Wichita and I with consumables were and totems were near +1200 damage, not good enough. I think the biggest challenge was the aoe attacks the rift lords had. 3500 damage to everyone in the party is insane. I don't see how a non preist or shaman could heal that. If I had tried to heal it we wouldn't have gotten anywhere. I grabbed Sun-Gilded Shouldercaps and Glowing Tanzanite and a couple of leatherworking patterns. It was nice trying a new challenge most folks do mech or sp because they are easier.

So, Sunday we did heroic mech (easy badges). Beilin, Bandaidez, Ferth, Mathman and I. It went really well considering the we had zero cc. Beilin loves heroic mech so he knows what he is doing. We had a couple of wipes but we got our 4 badges. I haven't done many instances with warrior tanks, and those haven't gone well. Most folks think you NEED a warrior, feral druids and prot paladins are just fine by me. Beilin is a good tank though, he was tanking 4 mobs, I have never seen a warrior hold 3 before. I scored a large prismatic shard and a nether. I thought I needed it for Wichita so I beat Ferth on a need roll. He doesn't need it, I guess I'll find some use for it.

I would like to complete every instance of Heroic, no loot to get just wanna see it all. Even if we run 25 mans I doubt we'll get into anything beyond past Gruul's, so the top raids are out of reach for me. I'd like to conquer everything 5 can handle.

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Origami said...

This was fun and we had a great group. We just need a bit more umph and we can do this.