Monday, October 01, 2007

Av Weekend and such

Something strange happened while I was av this weekend, I had fun. With my fellow heroes at my side Homerjay was able to retake towers and graveyards, despite my overall terribleness. Solo av as a rouge is awful, running with zerg gets me 3 shot by whirlwind (unless there is some chain healing going on) I can't do much as far as defense goes, no aoe, no fear. I can defend towers but my gear and skill aren't really up for it. I haven't really liked doing av with the guild on Lakini, I can just follow the zerg and heal or dps depending on what we need, be bored and do quick games and get my honor, but learning to pvp on my rogue with my guildies was a lot of fun.
Arenas didn't go so well for Homerjay, the new captain of Blackbeard's Delight. I did the first 7 games with Lakini, we went 4-3. Then enter Homerjay, 0-3 we go. Ferth being quite sick didn't help, he played fine but we should have talked strategy with me switching toons, but Ferth needed to go back to bed, I'm just glad he and Sameth played at all. I'm thinking that mace spec is something I need switch to sooner rather that later. From everything I have read it is the better and easier to play spec. Me not being good I could use the easier spec. I'm thinking about grabbing Merciless Gladiator's Bonecracker and trying to nab a Apexis Crystal Mace off the ah if I can find one. If I still suck on my rogue when 2.3 comes out I'll be leveling a resto shaman, I know how to heal in arenas, melee dps not so much


Origami said...

Don't sell yourself short. In PvP, gear means a LOT nowadays and even though Ferth likes to harp on skill>gear>spec, there are breaking points where things become gear>spec>skill or gear>skill>spec.
If a L70 runs into BG/Arenas with his greens and one or two blues, it doesn't matter if he's the best in his class, he'll likely still lose most fights against anyone in blue/epics (with the exception of course of a poorly played player).

On those AV matches where it was just you and I, we did pretty good. Yes, you lost to a L64 or so rogue but again, he was chain disarming you and you started the fight after rezzing at your body so you were at 60% health. And he killed you with like 100 health so it was a close fight.

We stuck it to the horde though and yeah we had help on a few fights but we really did a number on some of the horde. Duo stealth teams can really surprise and confuse people. :)

Lakini said...

I really enjoyed going after towers last night, we generally did pretty well and I got some practice chasing people and trying to kill them/stop them from healing.