Friday, October 26, 2007

A blog about Karazhan and what happened while I was there in a raid

The roster for our fantastical journey

Beilin - prot warrior
Zadorr - feral druid
Condramus - mage
Regolas - warlock
Schemdlap - hunter
Ferth - ms warrior
Banaidez - shadow preist
Dlow - holy paladin
Baconstrip - tree druid

So the goal of our evening was to down Shade of Aran. That would leave Chess/Prince and Illhoof for the next night with very little trash. To speed things up we had tanks alternate some pulls and had I dpsed on trash, leaving Bacon and Dlow for healing. It worked quite well, moroes was easy, except the time we wiped, pulling when we are not ready is bad. I got to heal the main tank on this fight. First time I have given it a try. Actually easier than I thought it would be, vanish gives you a chance to heal up the tank and regen mana and he doesn't hit that hard. I got garroted twice, bop was up both times, I liked that.

Opera was big bad wolf and he died, people got loot from him. It was that exciting, I died one time, I didn't like that.

Curator also involved me healing the main tank, I enjoyed it. He died without much trouble. He dropped the warrior, druid, preist token. Six of us in the raid, one of us had gotten them already. Four people passed and I won the roll. Gloves of Malorne, according to is owned by 4793 lucky druids. Compare that to 61,940 of the rogue tier 4. As you may have guessed the moonkin raid gear is the least popular. After playing a balance druid of some flavor for nearly two years it is nice to get my first piece of raid gear made for my spec.

We moved towards Aran, I was afk for the first part of the trash, kid fun. We got Aran to 5% on our first attempt. 3 or 4 us were new to the event and it showed, no moving on Flame Wreath though. We had one who didn't walk out of range of arcnae explosion, he thought he was out of range, not quite though. The tough part has been blizzard for new folks. Second attempt failed, arcane missiles on folks in blizzard ftl. Third attempt we killed him. Mission accomplished, Prince and Illhoof for the next day.

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