Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another night in Karazhan with a simliar raid group

The roster for our fantastical journey

Beilin - prot warrior
Zadorr - feral druid
Krawl - mage
Regolas - warlock
Schemdlap - hunter
Ferth - ms warrior
Banaidez - shadow preist
Dlow - holy paladin
Baconstrip - tree druid
Same group as before but we added Krawl because he dies a lot.

We started in Aran's room toward Chess and Prince we died wiped on our first trash pull. Then we didn't for a while. Anyway chess is still easy and you still get lootz. I'm testing my new theory on gearing and our guild progression. If I don't roll on anything our guild will progress faster. I'm geared for the next step, why do need more phat lootz? That doesn't mean never take gear, if it is leather healing gear and no other healing druids are around it is mine!!! Otherwise, I'll be taking leftovers. The nice dps ring that dropped on chess could replace my old violet eye ring, but that doesn't help us much on boss fights now does it? Anyway Chess is easy, I was the water elemental I killed things with my water skills.

We moved to Prince I got the sweet job of directing traffic, with help from Regolas. I got big blue square on my head and the ranged dps and healers followed me and I directed the tank to move Prince as needed. This do to infernals of course. Big fiery demon fellows you don't want to be around. First attempt went well, until Beilin died, it was all down hill from there. He got burst down during phase 2, the ranged/healing folks were moving and weren't healing, which led to death. Second attempt we only had to move twice because of infernals. Once during phase one and one when he was at 4%. I died, but so did Prince. 3 purple things dropped, and 3 people became owners of new purple things. To celebrate we took no video or screenshots, fail.

We moved to Maiden, maybe the first Kara group ever to go from Prince to Maiden because it makes very little sense. We would have started at Maiden but horde trouble at the gate didn't allow. I didn't figure we were going there anyway. After much delay we moved to Maiden and 2 minutes later she died. We got some boots and a void crystal, not what we went there for but such is life.

We teleported to Aran's room to do Illhoof. Beilin got company and went afk for a couple of years or minutes I don't remember which. Long enough to snuff out my dreams of doing Attumen with Homerjay after. You can watch the video of this never ending fight. I actually used mana potions. that's what I get for giving my innervate to Bandaidz who died 5 seconds later then battle rezzing him. Just Netherspite and Nightbane left, but Gruul's Lair is our next destination assuming we get 25.

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