Monday, October 29, 2007

So far so good

I was a little hesitant respeccing dreamstate again. Last time I was I ended up healing 25% of time in Karazhan and 1% of the time in 5 mans. So why be gimped on dps to never heal. Things have changed. I have a level 70 rogue so I can dps in instances with him. We also are running two Kara groups again so healing is need there. I love the spec for raiding, I can dps on the trash which speeds things up and heal extremely well on bosses, never ending mana. I'll always be last out of the healers in healing. Even if I'm healing the main tank, my heals or slow, my healing touch takes 3 seconds. I don't how many times I have started a heal and seen my target go to full just before my cast. Trees will throw their hots, paladins their quick heals, priests their renew. I can't blame them, I mean I'm allowing my target to get 80% health before throwing out a heal, what if the tanks gets hit for 12,000?
So far I'm finding healing meters to be useless. They don't read hot ticks after the target is full and there a couple of heals that are counted towards the targets healing and not the healers. Healing meters don't measure mana efficiency. I'm trying to keep my target up with using as little mana as I can. Healing meters hate that. If you look at the meters I don't look I'm pulling my weight. I could be less mana efficient and have higher healing numbers, I'm ending boss fights 90% of my mana in some cases. I could use regrowth instead of healing touch on my first heal, it's quicker and and has hot on the end. Less efficient like I said but according to healing meters I'd be doing a better job.
Gruul's this Thursday, I hope are 25 man boss goes as well as our first 10 man boss, one shot. I can hope. I'll be healing the mage tank, my old friend Krawl, I won't have to worry about getting aggro from him. We had 27 sign up and a few who couldn't make it because of the day, and with our recent success in Karazhan we might start seeing 25 man content as a norm.

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