Friday, November 02, 2007

What happened this one time

Most blogs I have read are written by people who have clever titles and good grammar. Screw those guys, anyway much happened last evening.

While waiting for Gruul's, I went ahead and killed Kelthuzad. It was easy enough on Warcraft 3 he only has 220 hps, owned. Then I logged on, not too hopeful that it would work out people had started remembering they had lives and couldn't make it, then Krawl and Jenet couldn't make it. Which brought us to 22 and the calling of the raid. I didn't hear what happened with them I hope they are fine.

So a Kara group was thrown together, I thought I was going to get to bring Homerjay and down the evil Attumen, get a ring a such. No deal, Nim came instead of Homer and I switched to my druid. Nim is subtlety specced rogue in pvp gear, so not too many runs for him. I was disappointed but such is life. Not like I don't need loot off opera and curator, and we weren't doing attumen anyway.

Aleks - prot warrior
Ferth - ms warrior
Nim - rogue
Sylvara - rogue
Regolas - warlock
Condramas - mage
Bandaidez - shadow priest
Rahmaza - tree druid
Taelor - holy/disc priest

Usual victims this night. Moroes, Opera, Curator. I moonkin tanked the dancer pulls, nice that my dreamstate spec doesn't lower my hurricane damage, no balance talents buff it. Same as before I dps on trash and heal on bosses. Except me screwing up, that's new.

Our dps was low for this run, things didn't die so fast but the healing was strong enough to make up for the lack of killing power. I used innervate and potions, normally I don't such runs. No paladin, dwarfs or ice mages, zero ways of getting out of garrote (without dying). I got the job of healing the main tank, Aleks, on all boss fights. This fight was perfect, Aleks got garroted so I had to heal quite a bit more. I used all my mana and them some. I checked my healing meters to see how I did and had less than 1% over healing. I would link the stats but I'm not smart enough to post them and Wichita hasn't yet so you'll have to take my word for it for now. I was quite pleased, the last time I would be pleased with myself on this run.

Romulo and Julianne was the opera event for the evening. We had them down to 5% or so then Julianne got a heal off, then Romulo died, then Julianne. Both rezzed. We got them both down to 30% or so when Aleks died, my heal missed by less than half a second. Fail. I had been telling the other healers not to heal my target, then he died. I wasn't asking them not to heal because I'm so great I don't need their help, it's that they were at 10% mana and had their own healing assignments, I had 50% of my mana. I'm still learning how to heal in a way, I don't have a lot experience healing main tanks in kara. I learned quite a bit tonight. Second attempt was no problem, interrupts went well and they died.
Then something weird happened, Earthsoul Leggings dropped. I had never seen this drop, going with my new pass on everything plan, I passed. I tried to pass that is, the raid leader saw my not so great healing pants and said I should roll and I did. I won because I win very roll on healing gear. It's actually a huge upgrade, I think the biggest I could make to my gear. The main bonus is the extra 46 +healing I'll be getting.

Curator was next first attempt we wiped at 12% with 3 flares owning us. Regolas our bolt tank, did a bit more dps on the flares on our second attempt which went much smoother. Except I let the tank die a again. Fail, Ferth picked up Curator and we downed him. I forgot that Curator hits harder after 20% and Aleks died. I don't like messing up, when your dps it's not as noticeable , normally you just get yourself killed. Healing the tank, not soo much I nearly cost us that attempt, which was going to be the last of the night.

Quick rant on stupid blizzard and stupid loot. So Curator drops the tier 4 token and one of six (I think) epics. In our group last night, 5 of those 6 would have been big upgrades for someone. Instead the one drop no one can use!!!! Why? Idiots, you know the are no paladins no shaman of any spec, mail healing shoulders it is. Such is wow.

I looked bad but, I did have a blast in the raid, just wish I could L2heal.

Edit: I really need to read this before I post, many errors

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Origami said...

Sorry I just read this. But I think you probably did great considering you are usually offheal not main heal on main tank!

And yeah you have a great track record for healing loot. Me too. It's Blizzard's Master Plan:
IF raid.players.druids > 0 AND raid.players.druids.resto = 0 THEN