Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I've sent my druid to the bench for now. Only to be used when needed, it's time to try out this rogue. I have done a few instances over the last couple of weeks, no drops for old Homer. Such is the life of a sword specced rogue who uses a dagger. Do to Heroes Inc's healer shortage I haven't been able to get Homer into Kara, until last night. I've wanted to see how he stacks up dps wise and how I like it. So far so good. Here are the stats, Link

I didn't sign up for this run, I don't normally raid when my wife is home. Ferth asked if I was available and got clearance. The bosses we did had nothing for Lakini, so Homer got in. My dps was about what I expected. I didn't expect to miss so much with my attacks. More hit gear needed. I got Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation off Attumen, socketed with two plus 8 hit gems a nice upgrade. I'm not sure why I missed so much less on Maiden than I did on Attumen, maybe someone who reads this will.

I enjoyed using the rogue I hope I get to more often. My dps won't be the issue, the need for me to heal will. As a guild our tanks and healers are well geared, our dps isn't so much. We have geared dps, but most aren't or put out low dps for their gear. I'm not sure how to gear up Homer much more without raiding, boe crafted epics are a bit expensive for me right now and instance runs are rare. I'll have my arena sword and hopefully a couple of pieces of season 1 arena gear in 3 or 4 weeks. At that point I should be on par with 90% of the guild dpsers.


Wichita said...

I know you don't have alot of time to run instances but when you do find some I'll help get you the gear you want. I'm sure Origami and Rhubarb would be glad to help as well.

Origami said...

Grats on the Gloves! And yes, I'd help out Homer any night I'm on.