Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Battling the boredom

I know I'm not the only fighting this battle. The gear divide in Heroes Inc is the cause of most problems we have, that and having lives and job and things of that nature. While some folks are trying to get 5 man groups to improve their gear others have no need for 5 mans, or much need for Karazhan for that matter. At least the bosses we are downing, the "easy bosses". So folks are burned out bored with Karazhan as we do it and don't really have much more to do to advance their toon. I have some heroic quests and some group quests for dalies for Lakini but that's about it. I hate asking for people to help me with such things, I need to get over that. There is a lot I could do with Homer, but my schedule is murder for that. I can find a group once a week or so for him.

The question is what to do? Some folks are leveling alts. I plan to do that, after patch 2.3 makes leveling much quicker. I could grind exalted with the scyers, could use the fancy shoulder enchants. I could pug battlegrounds to improve Homer's gear (which would not help with the boredom). Any thoughts out there?


Origami said...

I'm always willing to run stuff with Homer. I have to hit Exalted with most factions for enchants anyway. I'd also help with the group quests and I really need to get some dailies done.
Alternatively, you could alt with us... it's not about getting to 70 fast (aka post patch 2.3) but about fun learning a new class with each other. Fulsom and Qwik are both 40 now.

Lakini said...

I'm hoping we can do an instance Friday or Saturday night