Friday, November 09, 2007

More Raiding Excitement

It was in our second night of Karazhan this week. I didn't know where we were starting, I figured Aran was still up, but his friend Curator I was a bit surprised about. Curator died without issue, I actually got asked how I had full mana when Curator was at 25% or so, I was healing the mt. I love healing this fight, I don't have to use anything other than rank 5 ht and rejuv, until enrage anyway.
The opposite of healing Aran (I hate that). We wiped twice on this one, once because someone moved on Flame Wreath, I'm pretty sure that someone was me. Second because arcane missles finding people who were at low health. I hate trying to get out of blizzard I have done this fight a few times and still have trouble with it. Healing random targets getting hit with a lot of damage is something I don't do well. Not fast heals for me. I just threw lifebloom and rejuv and everybody and regrowthed when people were real low. The opposite of how normally heal. I got Pendant of the Violet Eye out of it. No one else wanted it, int is a big stat for me healing or dpsing . I get 1 mp5 and +4 damage and healing for every 10 int. I only see using this on boss fights healing or dpsing (if that ever happens again).

Another long fight on him, but we got him in one shot. We decided to try Illhoof then move to chess next. The concern being we didn't have a priest to shield Regolas as he spammed seed of corruption. Dlow was given the job healing him, Beilin mana, mostly due to fear of people dying in chains and being new at healing the main tank in this fight. The new trinket was nice to have that with arcane int and a flask gave me 610 int or so. He dropped
Terestian's Stranglestaff for Origami, his rarest drop.

I got to use Homer for chess, no drops for him. Nice hunter boots dropped, our hunter passed because he had the pvp ones and they had more armor. I fail to see how having more armor helps you dps a raid boss. It was 5 after the raid was to end so no Prince. Not downing Curator the previous night ftl. There was some debate on why we can't down Prince later this week. Some of us are a bit obsessed with downing Prince, because there is a quest to do so. The reward not exactly something for most to strive for. Pointless to talk about it when no one in the group runs the guild and has to deal with putting groups together and scheduling all group events for the week. Talking about it with Ferth is one thing, with our raid group wasting time, none of us are in charge of that. Good night, Illhoof down again as well as Shade.

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