Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things I did this weekend

Do to the killing of some raid boss this got pushed back, thought I'd finish it. I'm trying to not have this be my running commentary of Heroes inc raiding and maybe add other things.

Well, I was able get a few things done this weekend. Friday I did mech one boss drops like 8 things I need he dropped none of them. I have seen more moonglade gear drop when using Homerjay than with Lakini. I have done at 5 times a many instances with Lakini.

Saturday after work I was able to get into a Beilin Mech run badge run and forgot one. I dpsed in an instance after the repsec, dps was pretty good. Guild AB was Saturday night, we started the first one when we weren't set up, we faired poorly. I went the first and last hour. We got one 5 cap in I did ok with Homer, getting better but need some gear improvements to be really effective. After that I got a group for Botanica, wanted to finish the Arcatraz key quest. Got some new boots for pvp and some more practice on Homerjay. During our mech run I was pretty terrible at interrupting, just need more experience at it.

I got the level 38 warsong bow after much losing. 4 wins 20 losses over the weekend. I finished up after 2.3 and it made a big difference. Looking forward to getting this guy to 70, even if he ends up just being a farming alt, skins and ore ftw.

I'm finishing this the night of our first ZA raid, I might mention that at some point.

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