Monday, October 15, 2007


So I see my guildies are trying run Black Morass. they needed one more so I joined up. I wanted to take Homerjay, a one handed sword I am looking for drops there and I need to do the quest to get keyed for Kara. We didn't have enough dps and we wiped on the fifth portal. So I switch to Lakini and we have no problems, except the sword drops. Of course, not the first time I try to do an instance with Homer only to have to switch because we can't do it with my over geared for the instance druid. So anyway I'm bitter, that's all. I won't get over it for at least an hour.


Origami said...

If Homer wants the sword he should post a night/time for Wichita, Rhubarb and Origami to sign up for. Then you just need to find a healer - don't ask Bacon, I think he's sick of that place. :)

Lakini said...

I was wrong about the sword, I got the gladiator one, but I'd like to do bm tonight