Friday, October 19, 2007

Homer is Keyed and geared (pretty much)

After 3 weeks of and 10 losses in the arenas Homerjay has his Merciless Gladiator's Quickblade. That's good, my Footman's Longsword is not. So Combat swords specced I am. After working some on my swords skill, which still isn't quite maxed, I convinced 4 of my fellow Heroes to join me in Black Morass to get keyed for kara. Origami, Wichita, Rhubarb, and Jagdelf were the lucky ones. Back in olden times this instance was difficult, I guess it still is for people lacking purple gear. This place is perfect for me, the elites at each portal take a while to kill, and I get to blade fury the adds as the go by. I did 508 dps for the instance, much better that I thought I could do. Before we started I told Wichita that Scarab of the Infinite Cycle and Moonglade Pants would drop because I wanted those for Lakini, I was right.

We did it again to get Jagdelf
Hourglass of the Unraveller which he has been after for quite a while. I switched to Lakini, I wasn't going to roll on the that. The run took about 25 minutes, the hourglass dropped for him, and crap dropped instead of what I wanted. We also did enough Shattered Halls to get Jag revered then I went to sleep.

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