Friday, October 19, 2007

Curator down twice

Heroes Inc was able to field 2 Karazhan groups last night, and both downed Curator.

Roster for our group

Beilen - prot warrior
Zadorr - feral druid
Condramus - mage
Jerch - ret paladin
Regolas - warlock
Ofn - rogue
Schemdlap - hunter
Mathman - holy/disc preist
Dlow - Holy paladin

I filled the roll of healer for the evening. I hate to say it, but it was quite boring. Three healers for trash pulls is like healing dead mines at level 70, one heal does the trick. Sometimes I used no heals. My healing style is to wait for tank to take some damage off tanks don't take a ton of damage and when the other healers are healing my tank it's pointless. Wow webstats shows my lack of healing, I didn't have any reason to. My heal takes 3 seconds, I don't know how many times I was in mid cast when I saw Zadorr go back to full. Enough crying, I'll just dps on trash unless it calls for three healers, my dps gear has almost +1100 healing, I can switch my weapon and idol mid fight if I need more.

Anyway, 2 groups and we both downed Curator, that's a good sign. We were hoping to get to Aran but, a couple of wipes cost us the chance. Moroes was cake, I healed Zadorr who was the off tank, easy enough job. He had mortal strike once, that was pretty exciting. Nothing of importance dropped here, we went straight to Opera. We got Big Bad Wolf, we did something I didn't think was possible, we wiped. Having the tank be the first little red riding hood and having no counter for fear was a bad combination. Beilin never got him under control and we all died. Second attempt was perfect, with one exception. I wish I had recorded this fight. Our new ret paladin Jerch attacked before Beilin, was quickly turned into little red riding hood and died. I was amused, we had no battle rez available, so we nine manned him. He dropped Red Riding Hood's Cloak. Being a healer today, I wanted to roll, which is bad news for other healers. Mathman already had it so I rolled Dlow for it. He rolled a 83, I of course rolled a 94. If it had been a dps cloak I would rolled a 4. Blizzard wants me to heal. I'm exalted with the Violet Eye and have lost every roll on dps cater gear and won every roll on healing gear. The writing is on the wall. The 94 is my lowest roll on a healing piece I rolled a 98 for my mace. The cloak only drops off Big Bad Wolf and most folks still need so I'm glad that is out of the way.
I'm really begining to wonder if
Earthsoul Leggings really drop here, our guild has never had them drop. 2 Fiery Warhorse's Reins have dropped, .5% drop rate. It's odd how something off these things play out. I'm not mad I can't get those legs, it's just weird. I hear Baconstrip is pissed, maybe that's why he deleted his blog:P
We cleared to Curator without much issue and got to him at about 11:00pm server. The fight was going perfect, but then Beilin died, being the main tank this meant death for us all. I guess Dlow just got behind and maybe got crushed or something. I should have been healing him, 1/3rd of the way through the fight I had full mana, literally. Healing the bolt tank once every 5 seconds means full mana. I didn't have Beilin's health bar pulled out and Dlow didn't say he needed help so down he went. Some folks had to repair and we didn't have him down until 11:30pm, he didn't stand a chance the second time, the dps burned him down quick. We called it then, saving Attumen and Maiden for Sunday. Curator dropped some nice tank legs for Beilin and tier 4 for rogues, paladins and shaman, no shaman, Ofn already had em, and both paladins already had epic gloves. So they rolled for the token, I think Dlow won. It was a good run, if we can get it down to have Aran killed in night one we can get a lot done the second night. Either a lesser geared group can down Attumen, Maiden, and chess or better geared group can do Prince, Illhoof, and such.

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Honors Code said...

03:58'03.481 The Curator's Melee hits Beilin for 2886 (254 blocked)
499 Dlow's Flash of Light crit heals Beilin for 2168
03:58'04.115 Dlow's Flash of Light heals Beilin for 1411
03:58'05.448 The Curator's Melee hits Beilin for 3428 (crushing)
778 Beilin's Melee parried by The Curator
691 The Curator's Melee hits Beilin for 2738 (254 blocked)
088 Beilin dies

Dlow heals at 10:58'03, and 04. Beilin eats a Crush at 05. Then Beilin's attack is parried. When an attack is parried by the boss it speeds up their swing timer, so Beilin gets hit again. He takes 6166 damage is less than one second.

Two groups on Curator, a Ret Paladin. Man, You guys are doing great. I've been after those tank pants forever. Never even seen them drop, not a one time.