Friday, October 19, 2007

Now what to do?

After running a couple of instances with Homer he seems ready to dps in Karazhan. So is this when I respec resto and heal with Lakini and dps with Homer? With us doing two groups and having a healer shortage, that means just healing with Lakini. I am also not sure Ferth (current raid boss) is convinced that Homer is ready. I won't respec for now, no need, I can heal fine. When move to 25 mans I'll need to respec to heal. Of course using two characters equals what I need for one drops when I'm on the other, it's expected. I think I'll be fine healing (boredom wise) if I dps on trash or actually need to heal, either is fine. I wouldn't mind trying out feral for a bit I've got my gear up to par (up to Curator) for tanking and my kitty dps gear is plenty good for that. We don't need tanks though, we need healers so out with that idea. Not to mention my fear of arenas with melee classes. I guess it's just wait and see. Once I get the main hand gladiator weapon for Homer I won't have to worry about weather my dps will be up to par. I'm not really worried about it now, but it's not up to me. 3 posts in one day, it's been a busy week, too busy to blog.

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