Monday, October 22, 2007

Dreamstate Again

Heroes inc needs healers, I can do that, so I will. It makes sense, I can dps with my rogue in Kara or five mans, I can heal with my druid. I already traded in my Kara ring so no changing my mind. Part of my switching back and forth was feeling like we need my dps, but we are getting to a point we it isn't as needed and my healing is. Gearing a moonkin sucks, gearing a resto druid is easy, for me anyway. I can still kill trash in kara when my phat healz aren't needed. Enough playing an off spec I'll take the easy road.

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Wichita said...

Well I'm sad to see no more Moonkin but I do understand why. Heroes does still need healers and Moonkin gear isn't as plentiful. I am in the same situation as you, Elemental itemzation sucks and I am getting nerfed in 2.3. There's a chance that I'll be Resto come that patch.