Saturday, November 17, 2007

2.3 is here

Much has happened since the new patch, but I haven't had time to post anything so here we go.

As far as raiding goes, we tried out ZA and 40 gold later we didn't get to the first boss. We just need to figure out the pull with 2 bear riders and the 2 others. I did Karazhan with homerjay until I gave up due to lag issues. Which were fixed 15 minutes after I gave up, and messed up my mods as well. Lag was too bad to see how I did dsp wise entire fights I was unable to attack. I think I did the most damage on the Big Bad Wolf fight though. I got 4 badges, now I have 4. Also got Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle and vendored my thrown weapon, doh. I need to grab another so I can use deadly throw. I still have plenty of gear I don't use anymore and vendored that, not good.

As far as PVP/arenas go I went 6-4 with Blackbeards delight. 1-2 with Homerjay 5-2 with Lakini, pushed the rating to 1625, I wonder what it would be if I wasn't 6-19 with Homer (6-9 since I respecced). I have enjoyed the pvp daily quests except when the pugs I'm in fail over and over again. I'm beginning to think the new Av isn't as bad as I first thought. I think when the players figure it out there will plenty of honor to be had and it will be more fun. I'll be 70 arena points short of the season 2 sword for Homer but I'll have enough for any armor piece I want for Lakini and about enough honor a piece as well. I'm thinking belt and helm which would give me all pvp gear for my pvp set but lower my spell crit even more. I'll grab the season one gloves for Homer and another piece soon after.

As far as 5 mans go I got to do heroic Underbog last night, healing no less. My very first 5 man I've healed since I respecced dreamstate. I really like healing challenging 5 mans. Ferth died because he ran out of my range a couple of times and we wiped because we tried to use a mind controlled healer on the second boss. The healer had 20k heals and aoe heal for up to 8000, he's op. I got Swampstone Necklace a decent upgrade form my neck from old hillsbrad. Grabbed a nether and 6 badges. One of my new mods shows me the damage taken and dodges and such by the tank, this should help me figure out how much I need to heal and see what may be killing the tank in ZA for instance.

As far as alts go got my hunter to level 40 and have plenty of quests to do. I have always loved playing a hunter and am hoping to get him 70 soon enough, though I'm not going to rush. I have never played a class that I thought was fun to solo, hunter is that for me

Lastly I respecced Homerjay, click on the armory link to check the details. 11/28/22 the deal is to use hemo instead of ss. I grabbed a level 67 green sword to up my damage. The spec will be better for pve once I get my next sword and should be an upgrade for pvp, prep ftw. I'm getting my combo points quicker but hemo isn't hitting as hard as ss for now. Not sure when I'll to test my dps in Kara again though, maybe I can get a five man this week. I did notice I only missed 5% of the time on Moroes, not including dodge and parry. That pleases me.

I guess that's it, I think I'll be posting like this
from now on, to avoid just going on and on about raiding, much more to wow than that.

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