Friday, November 23, 2007


I have done some stuff and something got nerfed and I ate too much food so I'm going to type some words about some of those things and zero words about other things.

As far as 5 mans go, I did heroic slave pens with some people that have the words "Heroes Inc" under their name. Took about an hour, pulling 8 cost us some time. I healed along with Shynedown (holy paladin) and Wichita and Regolas killed stuff while Origami made mobs so mad they didn't attack the rest of us just him. 5 more badges, not sure what I'm going to do with them. Balance isn't looking so hot lately, what with other dps classes getting buffed and Idol of the Unseen Moon getting nerfed. It has no cooldown, after the next patch a 30 second one, basically it won't be as good as any of my current blue ones. I can't believe people get paid money to do this stuff and do it so poorly. The idol was on the ptr for a long time, one week after it goes live it gets nerfed to uselessness, at least I didn't waste 20 badges on it. Back to the instance, I healed using my hots and killed things sometimes. I can see why stacking hots can be boring, the tank is full the whole time for the most part.

As far as pvp/arenas go, the arena rating for is back up to 1645 or so. I get less terrible with Homerjay every week, so the rating keeps going up. After ZA we did a couple of warsongs one great one and one crappy one. Our first one we ran over the Horde, I hadn't won a warsong like that since I was doing organized groups back at level 60. When I first hit 60 I got invites from a couple of people (whom I had never met before) to do organized wsg. Unlike our guild groups we won, I was all pvp crazy back in those days, I guess they invited me because I was honor grinding at the time and my name showed up on the wow website. I doubt they were looking for a brand new 60 balance druid, I just healed in those and ran the flag a few times. I've probably done like 10 warsongs since bc came out, hate that place.

Over in the land of alts my Shaman is level 27, almost 28. Someday this will be healing/pvp character, someday. Jøsiah is almost 41, not much else going on here.

We did raid ZA again and unlike the first time we killed a boss, as shown in the video. If had none what the raid would be like I would have respecced tree. It would have been a good test, I used mostly hots due to the nature of the fights. Next time I heal ZA I'll do it that way. Dlow got some fancy healing plate helm that looks stupid, hide helm ftw. The bear boss is long and eats all my mana. Spamming lifebloom isn't what I specced for and mana pool noticed. With trinkets and innervate I was fine, normally I don't use such things. We cleared the trash to the bear without wiping, and got the boss on the third attempt. We did the eagle boss next, we wiped a few times learning the trash and got 3 attempts on the boss, but respawns owned us and we called it. One badge in three hours? LFG Karazhan.

There are rumors that druids will be buffed in 2.4. If this is true it's probably going to make resto druids harder to kill the arena, though maybe balance will get buffed. My experience at 70 with my druid leads me to think come Wrath of the Lich King I'll be making the move to feral or another main. If I had been feral instead of balance resto I'd have my epic flight form because I wouldn't need to spend so much gold to have decent gear.

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