Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So I have leaves and I don't walk fast

After spending the weekend away for my wife's birthday, I returned to screw around with my gear and spec. You check my spec on the armory if that thing is working. 13/0/48. Yup, I'm a tree now. The main focus for my druid is pvp/arenas is the plan. I went with some balance points for a little dps over feral points for more survivability. My 3 vs 3 team has me a holy/disc preist and ms warrior. I won't be the target most of the time. I got the season 3 chest, I should have gotten the helm. I wasn't going to get the helm for balance because of the lack of crit, that doesn't matter healing however. I have over 800 arena points left so the helm won't be to far down the road. So I got the season 2 sword for Homerjay, I'll find out how big a dps increase I get in karazhan tommorow, I've tested it a bit and it should be nice. So I'm thinking Lakini for pvp, Homerjay for pve, except the whole we need healers thing. I'll heal whenever needed though, I didn't get tree form for pvp.

The respec just makes sense, resto druids are overpowered in arenas right now, rogues not so much. Druids are designed to be trees in raids as well. My rogue is made for dps and I have some pretty good gear for that. I'm still going to grab moonkin gear with my badges, the shoulders will put me at the spell hit cap and I'll be able to start stacking more crit on my raid dps gear. Balance dps is what I prefer, but it has fallen behind to where I don't think I can keep up anymore. If there is a decent buff I'll switch back at some point, that's why you roll druids, to respec.

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